Zombie Derby 2

Hack Zombie Derby 2 MOD 1.0.18 Unlimited Coins/Fuel/Nitro APK

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NameZombie Derby 2
Version1.0.18 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Fuel/Nitro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 21, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Fuel/Nitro) is a zombie racing and shooting game developed and published by HeroCraft. Players will drive through a post-apocalyptic world in the game and confront a zombie epidemic. The player’s task is to destroy the zombies by using the weapons on his car, collect money and upgrade the vehicle to become the last survivor.

In Zombie Derby 2, players can choose from various vehicles, from small cars to battle tanks. The weapons available in the car include machine guns, rocket launchers, saw blades, and many more. In addition to racing and killing zombies, players must also pay attention to fuel management, ammunition, and vehicle repair.

Millions of bloodthirsty zombies of all kinds

Millions of bloodthirsty zombies of all different types are one of the factors that make the variety and appeal of the Zombie Derby 2 game. In this game, players will confront different sizes and speeds of zombies: with different levels, strengths, and attack skills.

For example, some zombies are slow and easy to kill but appear in swarms, requiring the player to use wide-range weapons to destroy them. Meanwhile, more agile and powerful zombies can jump on the player’s car and attack directly, threatening the player’s life.

Moreover, in Zombie Derby 2, there are also particular types of zombies, such as giant zombies, exploding zombies, flying zombies, and even boss zombies. Each zombie has its skills and weaknesses, requiring players to use the right tactics and weapons to destroy them.

In short, the variety and movement of different zombies in Zombie Derby 2 is an essential factor that makes it exciting and challenging for players.

Mass destruction of the undead

The mass destruction of the undead is a significant theme in Hack Zombie Derby 2 APK. Players must fight to survive a zombie apocalypse in the game’s post-apocalyptic world.

Players will drive cars and use weapons to destroy a series of zombies. However, there are not only single zombies but also hordes of zombies and zombie bosses with high strength and attack abilities.

To deal with the mass destruction of the undead, players need to collect money and upgrade cars, buy new weapons and upgrade existing weapons to deal with more difficult zombies. Players must also manage fuel, ammunition, and food to avoid being left behind after intense battles.

With the mass destruction of the undead, Zombie Derby 2 offers players an exciting and challenging gaming experience.

Eight cars to upgrade

In Zombie Derby 2 APK mod, players can upgrade up to 8 different cars to deal with zombies and achieve higher results. Here is a list of those cars:

Tank: is the largest capacity vehicle in the game and can endure and destroy a mass of zombies. However, the tank’s speed is not fast and cumbersome to move.

Jeep: is the fastest car in the game, able to cross the terrain and avoid obstacles on the road. However, the capacity of the Jeep is not significant and not strong enough to destroy giant zombies.

Armored vehicle: a protected armored vehicle with good endurance and destruction. However, the ‘s speedcar is not fast and unsuitable for harsh terrain.

Ambulance: this is a vehicle equipped with medical equipment that can treat the player when injured. However, the power and speed of the car are not enough to destroy the zombies on MODAPKOKI.

Pickup truck: a vehicle with medium capacity and the ability to destroy. However, the pickup is not fast and challenging to control on rough terrain.

Crane truck: a vehicle capable of destroying giant zombies thanks to a crane on top of the vehicle. However, the speed and capacity of the car are not high.

Crawler vehicle: equipped with a track to overcome rugged terrain. However, the car is not fast and does not have high killing power.

Cannon vehicle: this is equipped with cannons capable of destroying a series of zombies. However, the speed of the cannon vehicle is plodding, and the car cannot overcome the harsh terrain.

Various modes, including the ability to compete with friends

Zombie Derby 2 APK 1.0.18 has many different ways for players to experience:

Campaign mode is the game’s main mode, in which players will have to run cars and kill zombies to get the highest score.

It ranked mode: A mode for players to compare scores with other players worldwide.

Survival mode: A mode that challenges players by asking them to run a car a long time without dying.

Racing mode: A mode for players to race against each other and compete to win.

In addition, in racing mode, players can invite friends to join and compete with each other to see who wins.

Overview of the game Zombie Derby 2

Overall, Zombie Derby 2 is a very interesting and exciting action racing game with many attractive features such as car upgrades, zombie killing, racing mode, and competing with friends. If you love racing and zombies, you will enjoy this game. Wish you have hours of fun with Zombie Derby 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Fuel/Nitro).