Zombie Arena

Hack Zombie Arena MOD 1.13.0 Menu/Max Attack/Defense APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameZombie Arena
Version1.13.0 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD Features Menu/Max Attack/Defense
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Zombie Arena

Zombie Arena MOD APK ( Menu/Max Attack/Defense) is a role-playing game with a Zombie theme. In the game, players will take on the role of a character and fight with zombies to destroy them and save the remaining people.

The game has simple gameplay, is easy to play, and is and is suitable for those who do not have much time or want to find a light entertainment game. Players can advance their characters to the floors of buildings, defeat zombies along the way and earn money to upgrade their character’s equipment and combat abilities.

The game is suitable for many players, from children to adults. Zombie Arena: Casual Idle RPG has been developed and published by VNG game company, one of the largest game companies in Vietnam.

Strategy and Multi-Tactical Couple

Each character in Zombie Arena has unique skills and abilities, and choosing and combining characters form a multi-strategy pair will help players win more easily. For example, the player can use a multi-strategy couple consisting of a character specializing in ranged attacks and a character specializing in close combat to defeat zombies from both sides.

Upgrading and enhancing the character’s equipment and abilities is also an essential part of the player’s strategy. Players need to use the money earned from killing zombies to buy new equipment and upgrade existing equipment, as well as enhance the characters’ fighting ability to cope with more complex challenges.

Wasteland doomsday hero card collection

Wasteland Heroes Collectible Card Set is part of Hack Zombie Arena APK. This collection includes various hero cards with different characteristics and skills, allowing players to customize and strengthen their characters.

Each hero card in the collection has a unique image that describes the character’s personality and history in the game’s world. In addition, each hero card has its characteristics, including strength, speed, health, ranged or close attack, and unique skills and abilities on MODAPKOKI.

Players can use the money earned from killing zombies to buy new hero cards and upgrade existing ones, enhancing their character’s strength and abilities. In addition, players can also trade hero cards with other players around the world.

Tower defence with Zombie siege

In Zombie Arena APK mod, the player will face an attack of zombies from all sides and try to destroy them to protect their tower.

Players can use their characters and equipment to kill zombies and protect the tower. Feelings can be placed strategically on the map to attack and stop zombies’ advance. Equipment can also be used to supplement the attack and defence power of the characters.

Each wave of zombies will become more and more complex, with the number of zombies increasing and the zombies having higher attack power and speed. Players need to have a tight defence strategy to defeat the zombies and continue to maintain their towers.

If the tower is attacked by zombies and destroyed, the player loses and has to start over. However, if the player kills a sufficient number of zombies in each wave, they will be rewarded, progress to more difficult attacks, and receive higher rewards.

Labyrinth of Chaos

The Chaos Maze mode in Zombie Arena APK 1.13.0 is an exciting game mode in which players must overcome a series of challenges to reach a final destination.

The player will face a randomly generated maze with different strengths and weaknesses in this mode. Each room in the labyrinth has its mission, including killing zombies, gathering resources, or solving puzzles to unlock the next area.

As players progress to different areas of the maze, they will find clones of their characters, with some differences in strength and skills. Players can use these characters to help kill zombies or solve puzzles and unlock new areas.

The different strengths and weaknesses of the rooms in the maze will require the player to have a flexible strategy and the ability to assess the situation quickly to overcome the labyrinth. Players can also use equipment and decorations to enhance the strength and skills of their characters.

Chaos Maze mode is an essential part of Zombie Arena: Casual Idle RPG, with its complex and varied challenges, requires the player to have a suitable strategy and the ability to overcome unexpected situations to be able to progress to the end and receive rewards.

Explore the world of Zombie Arena: Casual Idle RPG and challenge yourself in the battle with zombies

With various features and unique gameplay, Zombie Arena: Casual Idle RPG is one of the most attractive mobile games in survival and zombie worlds. Players can participate in in-game activities such as fighting zombies, searching for resources, building bases, and performing various missions to win. With complex challenges and multiple features, Zombie Arena MOD APK ( Menu/Max Attack/Defense) will bring exciting and challenging entertainment moments. Join now to experience and explore this horror game world!