Westland Survival

Hack Westland Survival MOD 7.7.0 Menu, God mode/Damage/Free craft APK

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Westland Survival MOD APK brings game players to a fierce cowboy survival world; everything is simulated, highly realistic, and attractive.

NameWestland Survival
PublisherHelio Games
Version7.7.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/Free craft
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 5, 2024 (1 week ago)

Entering Westland Survival, players will experience a new survival game. Set in the far-flung Far West, always rife with dangers of America. This game will take players to time travel and become cool cowboys. It seems that the peaceful lives of the players have been disturbed by the cruel bandits. They brutally killed, robbed all possessions, and slaughtered the elderly and innocent children. As one of the only survivors of that onslaught, Westland Survival MOD APK on MODAPKOKI players have no choice but to stand up and fight off those brutal looters. The peaceful little town in the red valley of the Great Oregon Trail was destroyed. The only place for the players to disappear after one night of terror.

Westland Survival mod apk android

Dissatisfied and angry but unable to do anything because he is still too weak. Before avenging the bandits, the players must find ways to preserve their lives. Build yourself a haven and gradually improve your strength. Westland Survival offers an endless open world with no end date or rules. Can the players conquer this game and become the greatest cowboy? Use your bravery to prove it, ladies and gentlemen.

Download Westland Survival – Survival in the Wild West Full of Danger

Westland Survival is an engaging action game that requires players to be able to survive. Coming to this game, the players will have to go through a highly harsh life when evil criminals are everywhere; even the police help them plunder and do illegal things. The players are left alone to fight all of them. Not only that, but players can also visit the deserts of Texas and New Mexico. Here Westland Survival players must find ways to survive and become even stronger. Must prepare resources to cope with any attack from the enemy. This game will let the players be immersed in real gun battles. The battle of cowboys has begun, don’t be left behind!

Westland Survival mod

A lot must be done to survive in this harsh Wild West. Build a haven, design strategies to fight enemies, craft weapons and necessary tools, destroy the zombie nightmare at night, defeat monsters, steal resources from the hands of enemies, hunting and tame wild animals. More specifically, players can also create their own Wild West farm. There seems to be no limit in Westland Survival to stop the players’ footsteps.

Build a place to hide

To enter the world of Westland Survival, players need to choose a hero to incarnate. This game will bring a lot of character types for players to choose from freely. Joining must be customary; coming to the Wild West, you must also change your appearance. Westland Survival MOD APK players will decide whether they will become a dusty cowboy, a beautiful cowboy, an elderly hunter older man, a strict blonde policewoman or a full-fledged Indian. Strong. Each hero character will carry a unique weapon, from rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, Colt guns, Winchester guns, and shotguns to bows and arrows. So you must research carefully to find a character that fits the player’s style.

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Not only that, but Hack Westland Survival APK players can also customize their characters. After choosing the type of hero they want to become, the players can change the character’s appearance, gender, face shape, hairstyle, beard, and skin colour, and even wear the character’s costumes and accessories with the style of the Far West. This will make the experience of Westland Survival players much more enjoyable. Also, players can express their personalities through the character they create.

Build a place to hide

To survive here for a long time, it is necessary to have a haven. Therefore, building a place to rest comfortably was required from the first moment. Although the daytime temperature is quite hot, this land is cold at night. So without a warm shelter, the players wouldn’t be able to survive. The first thing to do is find a convenient location to build a place to live. After that, you must collect materials to create a safe shelter gradually. The top is essential to the Survival of Westland Survival players as a warm and comfortable place to rest after a long tiring day and to protect the players from attack—The unexpected deeds of the wicked.

Westland Survival mod apk free

In addition, players can also design shelters to suit their style. Make each table, chair, and bed with your hands and arrange many critical, valuable machines such as stone cutters, weaving machines, and forge to make all activities more accessible simultaneously. Make the player’s shelter as complete and comfortable as possible. Not only that, but this is also a place for players to research essential plans.

Always eat well

Another issue that Westland Survival APK mod players need to pay attention to is eating. Food and water are two crucial factors that determine the player’s Survival. Because every action of the character will cause the energy bar to decrease over time, and if the energy level is not increased in time, nature will be exhausted, leading to loss of life. Therefore, players must always pay attention to preparing enough food and water. To ensure the character has stable health, ready to face the challenge. Players can easily earn food by hunting small animals such as birds, rabbits, and wild boars and using the fire to make delicious dishes. These foods can be used immediately or stored and used when hungry.

Westland Survival mod android

Drinking water is easier to find when Westland Survival players need to dig wells where they live. Thus, there is already clean water to serve our essential needs. In addition to hunting, players can grow their vegetables and fruits right before their shelter to have nutritious and healthy food and more food—reserve food in the warehouse for necessary cases. Pay attention to the energy bar and provide food and water in time for your character.

Craft weapons and necessary tools

In adventures, weapons play a vital role in helping characters defend themselves. The Wild West is notoriously fraught with deadly dangers. Therefore, surviving for a long time won’t be accessible without a gun. It can help players fight against the enemy if they are unexpectedly attacked. Or can also compete with other cowboys in intense gun battles. However, to be able to own the weapons is not easy at all. Unlike other games, you must go to the store to buy all the guns you want. In the Westland Survival game, if you’re going to have a weapon, you must create it yourself. Not only guns but other tools in the game also require the same.

Westland Survival mod apk android free

Therefore, players must find the right design and materials to create the weapons and practical tools they want, from guns, knives, swords, and bows to hammers, axes, and more. All activities of the survival journey need the support of weapons and tools. But making it is not easy, requiring players to learn to do it. So don’t create indiscriminately, but create the necessary things for your journey.

Build a Wild West farm

Not only stopping at Survival, but Westland Survival APK 7.7.0 players can also build farms. With free open gameplay, during the journey of adventure and discovery, players can collect many resources such as wood, minerals, and gems; over time, these resources will increase. And players can use it to build a Wild West-style farmhouse. Since then, he has become a steadfast farmer, busy caring for the farm’s work. Players can grow food crops and raise animals they hunt. Not only that, but it is also possible to build more stables for the movement of horses. By tracking every day, players will constantly expand the size of their farms.

Westland Survival mod android free

The players will gradually make the wilderness in Westland Survival even more fertile. Owning a farm of your own also creates the need for guaranteed food. In addition, it also brings a large number of mounts for players to use to explore and adventure to new lands, making travel easier, faster, and much more convenient. However, there are always many hidden dangers that happen unexpectedly. The players take care of the farm and must protect it if the enemy attacks it.

Be prepared for any situation

In this far-flung West, avoiding long adventure trips and discovering unknown new lands will be challenging, so don’t forget to prepare enough food, water and necessary tools. Other for long-term Survival. Players can also try their hand at gun battles between cowboys. Enter the arena and prove yourself as the greatest cowboy in Westland Survival. Walking on this journey alone or in conjunction with other players is fine. Download Westland Survival MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Free craft) to join the incarnation of becoming a powerful cowboy and find a way to survive in extremely harsh living conditions in the Wild West.