Tiny Worlds

Hack Tiny Worlds MOD 2.0.2 Unlimited Money/Shards/Tesseracts APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameTiny Worlds
PublisherOld Skull Games
Version2.0.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Shards/Tesseracts
SupportAndroid 7.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Tiny Worlds

Tiny Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Shards/Tesseracts) is a mobile game in the Idle and Simulation genre developed by Mindstorm Studios. In the game, players will become the manager of dragons, build habitats for them and collect resources to establish their kingdom.

Players will start with a small number of dragons and need to explore and explore new lands to find and capture wild dragons. Players will then build facilities and infrastructure to nurture and develop their dragons. As dragons mature, players can use them to gather resources, fight, and explore new areas.

Touch the blocks

“Touch the blocks” is a feature in Tiny Worlds. In this mode, the player can create blocks by touching the screen. These blocks can be used to build and upgrade facilities, houses, and other infrastructure to nurture and grow your dragon.

Blocks are divided into different categories, including earth, rock, grass, and water blocks. Each block type has unique properties and can be used to build other areas of the player’s kingdom. For example, earth blocks can be used to build roads and houses, and water blocks can be used to build dragon ponds.

Tapping the blocks is very simple and easy to do on the touch screen of a mobile device. Players can touch and hold blocks to move them or swipe to clear them. The “Touch the Blocks” feature is an integral part of the gameplay in Tiny Worlds: Dragon Idle games and makes it easy and convenient for players to customize and develop their kingdom.

Pet training

Players need to gather resources and build living areas to raise their dragons.

To train the dragon, the player needs to provide a sufficient amount of food, water and other necessary necessities. These necessities include sleeping places, toys, and decorations for the dragon’s living quarters.

In Hack Tiny Worlds APK to providing necessities, players can also participate in training activities to improve the dragon’s skills and strength. These activities include giving dragons exercises, foraging, and quests.

When dragons are trained and developed enough, players can use them to fight and explore new areas in the game. Pet training is integral to Tiny Worlds: Dragon Idle games, helping players interact and nurture their dragons during gameplay.

Collect more and more coins

Collecting more and more coins is an essential part of the gameplay of this game.

There are many ways for players to collect in Tiny Worlds APK mod:

Harvest items from the garden and farm: Players can grow and harvest crops, vegetables and fruits to sell and earn money. Livestock such as poultry and cows can also be raised to gather their products.

Sell items and resources: Players can sell various items and resources, including food, decorations, and other necessities, for money.

Complete missions and challenges: Players can complete tasks and challenges in the game to earn coins and other rewards.

Create businesses and shops: Players can build shops and businesses to sell products and services and earn money from them on MODAPKOKI.

Kingdom Upgrade and Expansion: Players can use coins to upgrade and expand their kingdom, strengthen its infrastructure, and attract more customers.

Collecting coins is essential to Tiny Worlds: Dragon Idle games, helping players grow their kingdoms and create new gameplay opportunities.

Upgrade and merge runes

Runes are items with extraordinary power and are very important for players to enhance the ability of dragons and fight dark forces. Upgrading and merging runes is an integral part of the gameplay of this game.

The steps to upgrade and merge runes are as follows:

Collect runes: Players can collect runes by participating in quests and activities in the game. Runes can also be purchased from the shop or exchanged for rewards.

Rune Upgrade: After acquiring the runes, the player can upgrade them using coins and other resources to enhance the rune’s power.

Merge Runes: Players can merge runes to create more powerful runes. Merge can be done when the player has the required number of runes, and the required upgrade level is reached.

Customize Runes: Players can customize runes by adding special effects or enhancing other runes’ featureses.

To sum up, upgrading and merging runes is an integral part of Tiny Worlds APK 2.0.2, helping players increase the power of dragons and fight the forces of darkness.

Create a mysterious dragon world

In Tiny Worlds: Dragon Idle games, players are transported into a mystical dragon world where they can train and care for colourful dragons. Become a talented dragon trainer and help dragons fight against the dark forces in Tiny Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Shards/Tesseracts).