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Hack Sword Art Online VS MOD 1.2.1 Menu, High Damage/Defense APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameSword Art Online VS
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Version1.2.1 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 14, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Sword Art Online VS

Sword Art Online VS MOD APK is an action role-playing video game based on the Sword Art Online (SAO) anime/manga series. Bandai Namco Entertainment developed and published this gamet and was released on August 28 2018, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems.

In Sword Art Online VS, players will take on the role of characters from SAO and engage in head-to-head combat in a 3D environment. The game features up to 30 characters,, from the original series’ main characters such as Kirito and Asuna, to supporting characters introduced in other SAO spin-offs.

Sword Art Online VS matches are designed in single or team mode, and players can customize the character’s configuration to suit their tactics. The game also offers a more traditional, rather than antagonistic, method of exploration, in which the player will go on quests and explore the world of SAO.

In addition, Sword Art Online VS also has a voice transmission mode, allowing players to chat with each other during the game. This creates an experience akin to participating in a virtual reality game like in SAO.

Use Character-specific Sword Skills

In Sword Art Online VS, each character has a unique sword skill designed to match their fighting style and personality.

For example, Kirito, the protagonist of SAO, can use blade skills to attack enemies and can dodge attacks and reduce damage. Asuna, Kirito’s girlfriend, can use single-attack skills to attack consecutively or combine talents to create powerful spells.

In addition, Sword Art Online VS also features other characters such as Sinon, Lyfa, Yuuki and Eugeo, each with unique sword skills.

To use these skills, players need to practice and improve the character’s skills and use equipment and jewellery to increase the strength and effectiveness of the character’s skills. The combination of sword skills and equipment is an essential factor in fighting and winning matches of Sword Art Online VS.

Unique battle system

Sword Art Online VS’s battle system is unique and attractive to players.

In single-match mode, players will face off against one opponent in a 1vs1 battle. Each match will take place on a 3D map, and players can attack, dodge, and use different skills and styles to defeat the opponent.

In the team match mode, the player chooses a team and goes against another team. Each unit has 3 players, and the members will work together to defeat the opponent. In this mode, coordination and tactical skills are critical, as they can decide the victory or defeat of the team.

In addition, Sword Art Online VS also has a more traditional mode than fighting, an exploration mode in which players will go on quests and explore the world of SAO. In this mode, the player will confront monsters and control his character to perform searches and collect precious items.

Choose strong character

In Hack Sword Art Online VS APK, each character has its advantages and abilities; no character is ultimately more robust than the other. However, players can choose symbols whose skills and abilities match their fighting style to increase their chances of winning matches.

For example, Kirito and Asuna are prent characters in their excellent attack, defence, and fas andhas perfect ranged attacks, and Lyfa has high movement speed and jumping ability.

In addition, players can also use equipment and jewellery to increase the strength and abilities of the character. Therefore, choosing the right equipment and jewellery will help the match surface become more robust.

In summary, choosing strong characters in Sword Art Online VS MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Defense)on MODAPKOKI depends on the player’s fighting style and preferences. It must be combined with the right equipment and jewellery to increase strength and effectiveness—character results.

Equip the character with abilities.

Equipment is essential to Sword Art Online VS; it helps characters increase their strength and abilities in matches. Here are some necessary pieces of equipment in the game:

Weapon: The weapon is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for the game’s character. Each weapon has unique characteristics, such as swords, bows, guns, etc. Players can choose weapons that match the character’s fighting style and skills.

Armour: Armor is equipment that helps a character increase stamina and defence. It also has unique characteristics; players must choose armour that suits the character’s fighting style.

Jewellery: Jewels help the character increase abilities such as attack, defence, movement speed, etc. They can be found on different levels and have additional features.

Special Equipment: In addition to the essential equipment, Sword Art Online VS also has special equipment such as charms, food, etc. They also help the character increase strength and combat ability.

All of this equipment can be upgraded and customized to increase efficiency. Players need to find and collect equipment suitable for their character to increase their strength and ability in matches.

Dramatic fighting experience

With a diverse system of characters, skills, equipment and a unique battle system, Sword Art Online VS gives players a dramatic and challenging combat experience. Cross-platform play help players unleash the experience on many devices. If you are a Sword Art Online series fan or love the action RPG genre, Sword Art Online VS Mod 1.2.1 is a game you should not miss.