Super Penguins

Hack Super Penguins MOD 2.5.4 Unlim Live/Free booster APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameSuper Penguins
Version2.5.4 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlim Live/Free booster
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 5, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Super Penguins

Super Penguins MOD APK (Unlim Live/Free booster) on MODAPKOKI is a mobile video game developed by Supersolid, a game development company in London, UK. The game was released on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android in 2016. In Super Penguins, players will play the role of adventure penguins on different levels. We will have to overcome obstacles, collect coins and other items, and defeat enemies to complete the goal of each group. In addition, Super Penguins also have the feature of playing against other players worldwide to see who wins.

Super Penguins is an exciting and attractive game vivid sound and diverse gameplay. It has received many positive reviews from the gaming community and is still loved and searched by many players on mobile app stores.

Fun and colourful

The characters in Super Penguins are all designed with lovely and lovely shapes, including the main penguin and our enemy. The game’s levels are prepared with fresh, vibrant colours, creating a beautiful and inspiring world.

In addition, the Super Penguins are also designed with high quality, responding well to the game’s requirements on modern mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android. All of the above factors together make for a tremendous and playable game experience for players of Super Penguins.

Simple touch and tilt controls

Hack Super Penguins APK is designed with simple touch and tilt controls, making it easy for players to control their penguins while adventuring in the game world.

The touch control allows the player to quickly move the penguin up, down, left, right and jump onto different surfaces in the game. Meanwhile, the tilt feature will enable players to rotate their phones to control the penguin’s movements on the screen.

These controls are designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for players to quickly and efficiently engage and enjoy the game.

Unlock new penguins

In Super Penguins APK mod, there are many different types of penguins, each with unique characteristics that need to be unlocked by completing certain quests or achieving certain in-game conditions.

For example, the player can unlock a new penguin by collecting sufficient coins or achieving a certain number of points at a certain level. Players can also get new penguins through events or gift packs in the game.

Each new type of penguin unlocked has unique characteristics, such as faster movement speed, higher jumping ability, or more vital attack ability. Opening and using different kinds of penguins will help players get a more diverse and exciting game experience.

Power Upgrading

In Super Penguins APK 2.5.4, players can upgrade the power of their penguins by collecting in-game coins. These coins can buy improvement items such as power upgrades, movement speed, high jump ability, and attack ability.

Upgrading power helps your penguin become more muscular and can easily overcome the challenges in the game. For example, power-ups will help your penguin attack harder, kill enemies faster or jump higher to overcome obstacles.

Power-ups also require players to use coins wisely to have enough cash to buy essential improvement items and avoid waste. So power-ups are an integral part of playing Super Penguins.

Let’s adventure in the colourful world of Super Penguins!

In Super Penguins, players will experience a colourful and fun world with adorable penguins and exciting quests. Super Penguins is sure to give players hours of great entertainment. Get ready for an exciting adventure in Super Penguins MOD APK (Unlim Live/Free booster).