Smashy Road: Arena

Hack Smashy Road: Arena MOD 1.3.7 Unlocked Cars APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameSmashy Road: Arena
PublisherBearbit Studios B.V.
Version1.3.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Cars
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 15, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce about Smashy Road: Arena

Smashy Road: Arena MOD APK (Unlocked Cars) is a mobile multiplayer video game developed by Bearbit Studios. This game is the sequel to Smashy Road: Wanted, where the player controls a car and runs away from the police.

In Smashy Road: Arena, players will continue to control their cars but no longer run away. Instead, this game will put the player in a truck battle with other players. The player’s task is to destroy the opponent’s car by crashing into them or using support items.

In this game, players can choose from many different vehicles, from tanks to big trucks. In addition, there are many support items, such as rockets and bombs, to help players win.

Smashy Road: Arena is an entertaining and exciting game suitable for those who love the action racing genre.

Randomly generated level

The level of random generation in Smashy Road: Arena depends on using random environment generation technology built into the game. This means that players will experience a match with a different environment and situation each time, with obstacles and items appearing randomly.

In Smashy Road: Arena, randomization uses a random algorithm to plan the environment and in-game elements. These factors include terrain, obstacles, items, and even opponents’ position in a match.

However, the level of randomness in the game is not entirely random. The game developers have also designed the scenarios and rules to ensure the best balance and experience for the players.

Environmental diversity

Smashy Road: Arena has a variety of environments for players to explore and experience. Players will race through many locations in Hack Smashy Road: Arena APK, such as cities, deserts, forests and grasslands. Each site has its characteristics and challenges, creating a diverse player experience.

Some examples of environmental diversity in the game:

City: Players must race on busy streets, with various vehicles causing obstacles. Buildings, billboards and streetlights are also elements that make up the diverse environment of the city.

Desert: In the desert environment, the player must race through sand and limestone hills while avoiding obstacles such as dry grass, trucks parked by the road and other dangerous items.

Forest: In a forest environment, players will have to race on a winding forest road, through winding roads and avoid obstacles such as trees and rocks.

Meadow: Meadow is a challenging environment where players must race across a large grassy field, avoiding obstacles such as tall grass, cow pastures and support items and dangers.


There are a bunch of different upgrades for the vehicles, including:

Acceleration: Acceleration helps your truck go faster and easily avoid obstacles in Smashy Road: Arena APK mod.

Maximum speed increase: This upgrade will increase your vehicle’s top speed, helping you to run away from pursuers.

Increased shader: This upgrade gives your vehicle a better shader, avoiding detection in the game.

Increase Ammo Capacity: Increasing ammo capacity helps you shoot more and fight longer in the game.

Increased Stamina: This upgrade makes your vehicle withstand more damage, helping you to last longer in the game.

Increased Destruction: This upgrade makes it easier for your vehicle to destroy obstacles and opponent’s cars in the game.

These upgrades are unlocked by collecting in-game currency. Players can purchase additional items like new ammo, costumes, and vehicles. All of these add to the competitiveness and difficulty of the game, creating new and exciting experiences for players.

Unlock car

In Smashy Road: Arena APK 1.3.7, there are many different vehicles that players can unlock and use. To open a car, the player needs to fulfil specific requirements, such as gaining points or achieving achievements in the game.

Each type of vehicle has its characteristics, from speed and mobility to attack ability and stamina. To achieve higher scores and defeat opponents in the game, players should find ways to unlock various vehicles and find the car that best suits their fighting style.

In addition, players can also purchase new vehicles using in-game currency or by purchasing car unlock packs. All cars offer different experiences and help to add variety and fun to the game.

Victory in Smashy Road: Arena – be the ultimate winner

Players will experience a dramatic action game and challenge in this fascinating game. With various features and game environments, players will never get bored participating in Smashy Road: Arena.

Not only have the opportunity to show excellent driving skills, but players can also show their fighting ability and upgrade their cars to become the ultimate winner in the game.

With a diverse vehicle collection and customization possibilities, players can create their fighting style and become the top player in this game.

join Smashy Road: Arena MOD APK (Unlocked Cars) on and become the ultimate winner in a fierce post-apocalyptic world!