Shootero Classic Sky Shooter

Hack Shootero Classic Sky Shooter MOD 1.2 Menu/Free App Purchase/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameShootero Classic Sky Shooter
PublisherGEMMOB Adventure
Version1.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free App Purchase/God Mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 2, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Shootero Classic Sky Shooter

Shootero Classic Sky Shooter on MODAPKOKI is an exciting action shooting game developed by OneSoft Studio. In this game, players will be fighter pilots fighting to protect the Earth from waves of enemies coming from space. During gameplay, players can use different weapons, upgrade their battleships, and destroy monsters and enemies to win.

The game has many different levels, with varying difficulty levels so that players can challenge themselves. Players can also participate in special events to earn attractive rewards and prizes.

Shootero Classic Sky Shooter is a fun and exciting shooting game with many features and modes for players to explore and experience.

Space battle

In Shootero Classic Sky Shooter MOD APK (Menu/Free App Purchase/God Mode), space combat is one of the essential features of the game. Players will take on the role of fighter pilots, destroying waves of enemies coming from space.

When participating in the space battle mode, the player will be equipped with his weapons and battleship and face constant attacks from the enemy. The player’s battleships are also upgraded to be able to fight more effectively. The space battle mode in Shootero Classic Sky Shooter gives players a beautiful and exciting shooting experience. In addition, players can also meet and interact with other players in PvP mode (Player vs Player) and challenge each other to win and gain valuable rewards.

Many powerful upgrades

Hack Shootero Classic Sky Shooter APK offers players many powerful upgrades to enhance their battleships’ power and combat abilities. These upgrades include:

Weapon Upgrades: Players can upgrade their battleship’s weapons to increase their power and range. Each weapon has different features and effects that players can customize according to their fighting style.

Battleship Upgrades: Players can upgrade battleships to increase the battleship’s power, speed, defence, and attack ability.

Skill Upgrading: Players can upgrade skills to increase their combat and defence. Each skill has different features and effects, such as increasing attack power or movement speed.

Upgrade skill cards: Players can use skill cards to enhance the combat and defence of battleships. Skill cards can be earned in-game or purchased for real money.

All of the above upgrades help players increase their strength and combat ability, assisting players to achieve higher achievements in the game.

Big Boss

Giant Boss appears during gameplay. These Bosses usually have extraordinary strength and need players with high combat skills to defeat them.

Each Boss in the game has unique features and skills and needs players to learn to find their weaknesses. These Bosses usually have powerful offensive and defensive abilities and require the player to use all the skills and weapons to defeat them. However, when defeating the Boss, the player will be rewarded with a lot of experience points and valuable rewards, which enhance the strength of the battleship and the player’s combat ability.

Shoot and shoot them all with volleys of bullets

These weapons include:

Machine gun: This weapon has a fast rate of fire, but the attack power is not very strong.

Laser Cannon: This weapon has a long-range and robust attack power.

Missile: This weapon has extreme attack power and is especially effective when confronting the Boss.

Spark: This weapon can hit multiple targets at once.

In addition, players can also use special skills to attack enemies. Each skill has a different effect, like increasing the attack power or decreasing the opponent’s defence power.

During Shootero Classic Sky Shooter APK mod, the player must deal with many waves of enemies. Using the right weapons and skills will help players quickly shoot down enemies and achieve high scores.

The endless journey between space and time

Shootero Classic Sky Shooter is an attractive space shooting game that takes players on an endless journey between space and time. With unique and richly designed levels, players face many challenges, from simple attacks to intense battles with terrible Bosses. Features such as upgraded weapons and battleships, special skills, and valuable rewards help players increase their strength and combat ability. With an engaging storyline and many exciting features, Shootero Classic Sky Shooter MOD APK (Menu/Free App Purchase/God Mode) on is a shooting game not to be missed for lovers of the space shooter genre.