Samurai Story

Hack Samurai Story MOD 4.3 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameSamurai Story
Version4.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 21, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about the Samurai Story game

Samurai Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – an emotional and traditional adventure of great Samurai warriors! This game takes you into the Feudal period of Japan, where you will become a mighty Samurai and go through a journey full of challenges and responsibilities.

Samurai Story is a unique role-playing game where you will play as a young Samurai and embark on a journey searching for justice and loyalty. Experience exciting battles, hone your fighting skills, and learn about the spirit of Bushido – the ritual of the Samurai.

In Samurai Story, you will explore a world of beautiful and diverse landscapes, from peaceful villages to splendid cities and winding mountains. Go on adventures, interact with unique characters, and uncover the mysteries that await you.

Samurai Story gives you an immersive experience of the legendary Samurai era. Hone your Samurai skills, collect and upgrade weapons, and become a respectable, mighty warrior.

Discover four unique game types – History, Free, Fruits, and Platforms

Samurai Story is a varied and engaging game with four different game types for you to explore – history mode, accessible mode, fruit mode, and platform mode.

History mode: In this mode, you will be transported into the world of legendary samurai and experience famous battles in Japanese history. You will play the role of a brave samurai and participate in heroic battles, fight against the enemy, and defend the honor and freedom of the country.

Accessible Mode: In this mode, you can explore and experience the world of Samurai Story to your liking. You can go on side quests, search for treasures, interact with game characters, and discover new skills and weapons.

Fruit Mode: This mode gives you a fun fruit-based puzzle game. You’ll face fruit-related puzzles and challenges, like finding ways to match fruits together to form chains and score high quickly.

Platform Mode: This mode is a game that requires concentration and skill to jump from platform to platform. You will face challenges and overcome various barriers while collecting items and solving puzzles to progress further in the game.

With these four diverse game types, Samurai Story brings you unique and exciting experiences.

Fight for exciting rewards

Experiencing adventures full of action and danger will reward you with attractive and valuable rewards.

The rewards in Samurai Story are varied and rich. You can get new weapons and armor, from sharp swords and skilled bows to durable armor and maximum protection. These items are symbols of strength and bring unique attributes and effects to enhance your fighting ability.

In addition, you can also get precious materials to upgrade weapons and armor, making them perfect and stronger. With exceptional skills and abilities, you can fight on the battlefield with powerful opponents and win noble rewards.

Participating in special events and challenges in Samurai Story is also a chance to receive special rewards. Each activity offers unique and worthwhile rewards for your dedication and achievements, from defeating other sworders to participating in races and hunting tough monsters.

With Hack Samurai Story APK, you will experience the life of a samurai and earn rewards worthy of your dedication and talent.

Experience a Legendary Journey – Become a Great Swordsman and Write a Legend

On the legendary journey of Samurai Story APK mod, you have gone on a beautiful adventure to become a great swordsman and write your legend. You have become a great icon in the samurai world with your patience, dedication, and aspiration to uphold justice.

On your way, you have trained your kendo skills and gathered powerful equipment. By undertaking challenging missions and fighting powerful opponents, you have become increasingly powerful and achieved a high reputation in the samurai world.

You have met and interacted with solid and diverse characters through battles and confrontations. Stories, loyalty, and friendship create deep and cherished connections in your heart. You have learned much from the courage and wisdom of your companions and have become an expert swordsman with significant influence over those around you.

Finally, you have written a new history in the samurai world. Your legend of bravery, justice, and loyalty will pass through time. You have inspired later people and left an eternal legacy in Samurai Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI.