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Hack Raid Royal MOD 1.0.88 Unlimited Crystal APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameRaid Royal
Version1.0.88 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Crystal
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 31, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Raid Royal

Raid Royal MOD APK (Unlimited Crystal) is a “tower defense” strategy game developed and published by a Vietnamese video game company called VGames. This game will be released in 2022 on PC and mobile platforms.

In Raid Royal: Tower Defense, players must build and manage a defense system to prevent attacks from different monsters. The game features a variety of game modes, including story mode, challenge mode, and single-player mode.

Players can use items and skills to upgrade and customize their defensive units and must also manage resources to build powerful defensive towers. The game also features a “hero” system that allows the player to summon powerful characters to help fend off waves of monsters.

Abundant military units

In Raid Royal, there are many different army units for players to choose to use in their defense system. Each team has unique abilities and characteristics; players can customize them to suit their tactics.

Here are some standard military units in the game:

Warrior: The most basic and cheapest unit in the game. They have moderate strength but enough to defeat some weak monsters.

Gunner: A unit that can attack from a distance with high strength but has low stamina.

Horseman: A unit that moves quickly and has considerable attack power. However, they are more expensive than other units.

Gunner: A unit with extremely high attack power but has a slow attack speed and is difficult to move.

Witch: A unit that can use magic to attack or support allies. They have diverse abilities and are very useful in dealing with different monsters.

In addition, there are many other units, such as mercenaries, battle monsters, special weapons, and much more. All help create diversity and richness for the defense system of Raid Royal: Tower Defense.

She strongly upgraded hero and turret system

In Hack Raid Royal APK, players can use the hero system and turrets to upgrade their defenses.

Hero System: The game’s hero system allows the player to summon powerful characters to help in fending off waves of monsters. Each hero has unique abilities and skills, and players can upgrade them to increase their strength and effectiveness.

Turret system: The turret system in the game is classified into many types, from basic towers to extremely high attack towers. Players can upgrade turrets using resources to increase their power and attack range on MODAPKOKI.

The remarkable thing is that players can combine hero and turret systems to create unique defensive tactics. For example, players can use turrets to attack from a distance and use heroes to defend towers and fend off approaching monsters.

Upgrading the hero system and turret is an integral part of the game Raid Royal: Tower Defense, helping players create powerful and effective defenses against waves of monsters.

Variety of monsters with unique skills

In Raid Royal: Tower Defense, there are many different types of monsters, each with unique skills and characteristics. Some of the particular kinds of monsters in Raid Royal APK mod:

Nuclear Monster: This type of monster with solid attack power and ability, especially the ability to attack consecutively.

Dragon-riding monster: This type of monster can fly over turrets and attack from above, making it difficult for the player to fight them.

Catastrophe Monster: This monster of enormous size and immense strength can significantly damage turrets and heroes.

Spirit Monster: This monster can summon other monsters, creating a diverse and terrifying attack.

Fire Monster: This type of monster can attack with fire, damaging turrets and heroes.

Each type of monster has its skills and characteristics, creating variety and challenges in fighting them. Players must find a way to use their turrets and heroes to fend off waves of monsters and defend their base.

Build and arrange a solid defense system

In Raid Royal APK 1.0.88, the construction and arrangement of the defense system are essential to ensure the safety of your base. Players can build turrets and place them strategically to block the monsters’ paths.

The turret system in the game includes a variety of turrets ranging from primary turrets to fish Advanced turret with more powerful attack ability and broader attack range. Players can upgrade their turrets to increase their strength and resistance.

Besides, players can also use heroes to supplement their defense system. Each hero has its skills and characteristics, which can help the player block the path of monsters or attack them. Players can also upgrade and customize their heroes to increase strength and resistance.

With the construction and arrangement of a solid defense system, players can stop the attack of monsters and ensure the safety of their base.

Combat unit

Players not only use the turret and hero system to defeat the monsters but also have a variety of combat units available to destroy the enemy.

There are different types of combat units in the game, including:

Rifles: This is a basic combat unit that can attack from a distance. Rifles can hit a single target or attack multiple targets at once.

Gunner: This type of unit can attack from a distance with greater power and range than rifles. The gunner also can attack multiple targets at once.

Swordsman: This type of combat unit mainly attacks close-ups with immense strength and high stamina.

Missile: This type of combat unit candistance with great destructive power, which can deal damage to damagee vicinity.

Robot: This is a particular type of combat unit, capable of automatically attacking and destroying monsters quickly.

Each type of combat unit has its advantages and disadvantages, and players need to use them sensibly to defeat monsters and protect their base.

Ready to become a strong warrior

In short, with a diverse system of military units, heroes, turrets, and monsters with special skills and the ability to build a solid defense system, Raid Royal MOD APK (Unlimited Crystal) is a Fun and challenging game for the strategy game genre lovers. Prepare to be a mighty warrior and defend your stronghold against ferocious enemies!