Prison Escape

Hack Prison Escape MOD 1.1.9 Unlimited Money/Honor APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NamePrison Escape
PublisherWords Mobile
Version1.1.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Honor
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 25, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Prison Escape

Prison Escape MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Honor) on MODAPKOKI is a prison escape video game developed and published by a small indie game maker called Puzzle Games – Escape Rooms. In the game, the player will be held in a strict prison and must find a way to escape.

The game is designed as puzzles and logic games; players must solve problems, find objects, and use them to unlock doors and escape prison. The cells in the game are designed very detailed and vivid, giving players the experience of living as an absolute prisoner.

Prison Escape is released on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS; players can download the game to their phones to experience it. The game also features single-player and multiplayer; players can connect with friends to solve puzzles and escape prison.

Various weapons to choose from

In Prison Escape, players will be equipped with various weapons to help them escape prison. Depending on each cell and the specific situation, the player can use different items to proceed with the escape.

Weapons in the game include:

Pliers: This is a valuable item to cut steel wire, helping players proceed to break doors or walls to escape.

Hammer: A hammer is a powerful tool to destroy objects, smash doors or break walls to create a way out for the player.

Knife: Knives can be used to cut steel wire or door keys.

Scissors: Scissors can be used to sever cables, cut cards, or cut soft materials.

Keys: A key is crucial to unlocking a door or a prison door lock.

In addition, players can also use items such as water pipes, gas cylinders, repair tools, saw blades, and many other things to help them escape successfully. All of these weapons are designed to help players come up with creative approaches to escape from prison.

Infiltrate suffocating scout

These missions require the player to be able to find information, decipher passwords, and find ways to reach hard-to-reach areas of the prison.

During the game, players Hack Prison Escape APK must collect evidence and search for clues to solve puzzles and escape prison. These missions require players to think creatively and skillfully to outwit security guards, avoid security sensors, and navigate dangerous areas.

Prison Escape gives players an experience like becoming a prisoner trying to escape prison. This is an integral part of the game, increasing the challenge and stimulating the player’s curiosity when looking for new approaches to running.

Break the obstacle

These obstacles include locked doors, high fences, security sensors, surveillance cameras, and security guards.

To solve obstacles, players must find ways to solve puzzles and collect various items to break doors, smash walls or turn off security devices. Players must also find ways to outwit the security guards and find different approaches to navigating complex areas.

Players Prison Escape APK mod must have ingenuity, agility, and creativity in finding and using their items and skills to break through obstacles. Solving barriers in the game Prison Escape gives players exciting and challenging experiences, helping to improve the player’s logical and intellectual thinking skills.

The plot is full of surprises

The plot of the game Prison Escape is designed to give players surprises and fun during their escape from prison. Players will play the role of an innocent prisoner held in a harsh prison and must find a way to escape to discover the truth about the case he was wrongly convicted.

During the game, players will discover dark secrets and terrifying conspiracies behind brick walls and security sensors. The developments in the story will give players interesting surprises and discoveries about the characters, side stories, and other aspects of the story.

In Prison Escape APK 1.1.9, the game also has villains and security guards in the prison; they will try to stop the player and make it difficult to escape. However, the player will also find allies in the prison who will help and assist in the escape.

Overall, the Prison Escape game’s plot is built beautifully and dramatically, giving players memorable experiences and intellectual and daring challenges.

The suffocating escape from start to finish

Prison Escape game is an engaging and dramatic game experience for those who love adventure and puzzle games. The game has attracted many players worldwide.

Each part of the game offers players a unique and exciting experience, from diverse weapon selection and scouting penetrations to obstacle solving and unexpected storylines. The truth about the mysterious case is also gradually revealed as the game progresses, helping players create excitement and curiosity about the outcome.

With outstanding features and a surprising storyline, Prison Escape MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Honor) game has created a strong attraction and is worth a try for those who love the puzzle adventure game genre. Join the game today and be the smartest prisoner in this prison!