PictureThis MOD 4.1.1 Gold APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherGlority Global Group Ltd.
Version4.1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGold
SupportAndroid 5.0
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UpdatedJuly 10, 2024 (6 days ago)
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Introduce about PictureThis

PictureThis MOD APK (Gold) is an innovative mobile application designed to help users identify plants and trees by taking pictures. With the power of artificial intelligence technology, PictureThis can identify tree and plant species within seconds of taking a picture. The application provides detailed information about trees and plants, including scientific names, descriptions, characteristics, planting and care. PictureThis is a valuable tool for nature lovers and a great learning tool for schoolchildren, students and science enthusiasts.

Exact botanical identification number

The app’s standout feature is its accurate plant identifier, which makes it easy for users to identify the name of the plant or flower they’re interested in.

PictureThis’s precise plant identifiers are achieved thanks to the artificial intelligence system built into the app. When a user takes or uploads an image of a plant, the system analyzes and compares it with the application’s database to give the most accurate results possible.

In addition, the application also provides users with detailed information about that plant, including name, description and biological data. This helps users know more about plants and how to care for them.

With PictureThis‘s unique plant identifier feature, users can easily and quickly search and identify plant species names quickly and accurately, enhancing their learning and exploring the world experience. Nature.

Automatically diagnose and cure plants

With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, this app can accurately identify your crop and provide detailed information on how to take care of it.

In addition, PictureThis provides users with solutions and advice to cure their plants. With advanced image recognition technology, this app can detect and diagnose crop health problems like diseases, pests, fungi and insects.

To cure your plants, PictureThis provides plant care tips and solutions, including pesticides and insecticides, plant care and protection methods, and articles. Answer questions about plants.

PictureThis MOD APK allows you to care for your plants professionally and efficiently like never before. Download this app to experience diagnostic and therapeutic technology for plants.

Plant care just got easier with Plant Care Reminders & Tips

The Reminders feature allows users to schedule watering, fertilizing, and other care activities for their plants. The application will send reminders to users when it is time to water or change the weather to make it easier to take care of the plants.

In addition, the Crop Care Tips feature provides tips on how to care for your plants, including when to water, fertilize, prune and more. Users can search for the proper care tips for their plants and make them grow stronger and fresher.

With PictureThis APK mod, plant care is simpler and more accessible than ever. Download the app now to experience and explore the wonderful world of plants!

Consult directly with a bonsai expert

In addition to tree identification, the application also allows users to consult directly with a bonsai expert to answer their questions. Using this live consultation feature, users can chat with bonsai experts about how to care for plants, create green spaces in their homes, and answer questions about plant health. One-on-one consultation with PictureThis experts provides users with an easy and convenient approach to learning and caring for their bonsai professionally.

Hazardous Plant Warning – Protect your health and safety for you and your family

One of PictureThis’s most valuable features is its ability to warn about toxic plants. With thousands of species of trees and plants worldwide, not everyone can recognize which plants are poisonous and potentially dangerous to human and animal health. However, with PictureThis, you can quickly identify toxic plants and trees just by taking a picture, and the app will give you the information you need to avoid them.

PictureThis’s toxic plant warning app helps you protect your health and keeps your family and pets safe. If you live in an area with many trees and wild plants, or you love to travel, hike, picnic and be in contact with nature, PictureThis MOD APK (Gold) on MODAPKOKI will be a valuable tool to help you ensure your safety. safe and enjoy life safely and healthily.

Manage your botanical collection

In addition to the plant identification feature, the application allows users to manage their plant collection easily.

When a user takes or uploads an image of a plant, the app stores information about that plant in the user’s gallery. Users can create various collections to categorize plants by subject or use.

The application also provides users with a quick search tool in their collection, making it easy to find and access the plants they are interested in.

This helps users manage their collections efficiently and conveniently and enhances the experience of learning and exploring the natural world.

Smart Plant Recommendations

With artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, this application can accurately identify your crops and provide detailed information about the crops suitable for your growing conditions.

PictureThis application has an extensive database of plants, providing users with thousands of different types of plants. With the intelligent recommendation feature, this app can suggest which crops suit your location and growing conditions. You can search and choose plants according to your needs, from flower crops, ornamental plants, fruit crops, medicinal plants, and much more.

With PictureThis’s innovative plant recommendation feature, you can grow crops that are right for your growing conditions, helping your crops grow better and produce more. Download this app to experience plant recommendation innovative technology.

Explore the world of plants – Smart crop detection and identification application

With intelligent plant scanning and identification, PictureThis is helpful for plant lovers and caretakers. The Crop Care Tips and Reminders feature makes it easy for users to manage and care for their crops. With PictureThis, you can learn detailed information about plants, take care of your plants more efficiently and experience the wonderful world of plants. Download PictureThis Mod 4.1.1 and explore the world of plants right now!