Multiland Online

Hack Multiland Online MOD 0.2.2 God Mode/Infinite Ammo/No Reload/Car Damage APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameMultiland Online
Version0.2.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Infinite Ammo/No Reload/Car Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 28, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Multiland Online

Multiland Online MOD APK is an online sandbox game developed by indie game company Multiland Entertainment. The game allows players to create and explore a completely arbitrary open world.

In Multiland, players can build structures, create objects and items, grow plants, raise animals, and perform various activities. Multiland: Online Sandbox was released on PC and mobile platforms and is now available on many app stores such as Steam and Google Play.


Multiland Online is a creative game that allows players to express their imagination and creativity. The creativity in this game is defined by allowing players to create unique buildings, objects and items according to their ideas.

Players can freely build structures from simple to complex, from a house to an entire city. Besides, the game also provides players with many tools and options to create objects and items, from cars to paintings or jewellery on MODAPKOKI.

In addition, Multiland’s creativity is also reflected in allowing players to interact with each other and share ideas, creating a creative and diverse community. All these features encourage players to use their imagination and creativity to develop new and unique things.

Many new things to discover

That’s right, Multiland: Online Sandbox is a vast open world full of surprises for players to explore. The game offers players many different areas to explore and experiment with.

In Hack Multiland Online APK players can explore different lands, from jungles to barren deserts, vast grasslands, and snow-capped lands. Besides, the game also has particular areas such as caves, abysses and waterfalls.

Multiland also provides players with various resources and items to explore and use. Players can find stones, wood, metal, and other materials for building and crafting.

Besides, Multiland also has missions and challenges for players to complete. These missions may require the player to explore new areas, gather resources, or construct complete structures.

Support equipment

In Multiland Online APK mod, many pieces of support equipment help players progress and achieve their goals. Here are some examples of support items in this game:

Digging Tools: Digging tools, including shovels and pickaxes, help players dig and find resources such as earth, stone, iron, and gold.

Tree Cutting Tools: Tree-cutting tools, including axes and saws, help players gather wood and other tree-related resources.

Creature Items: Creature items, including food and medicine, help the player nourish and enhance the health of the animals in the game.

Construction Tools: Construction tools, including planks and bricks, help players build structures such as houses, towers, and temples.

Farm Items: Farm items, including seeds and fertilizers, help the player grow and harvest crops and food.

Decorative Items: Decorative items, including flowers and lights, help players decorate and create beautiful spaces in the game.

Connect with players

Multiland Online APK 0.2.2 has a chat feature so players can talk to each other. Players can exchange experiences, share information and help each other through conversation.

Join Teams: Players can join in-game groups to connect and interact with players with similar interests and goals. These groups can be groups looking for teammates to play with, exchange experiences, or discuss game-related issues.

Make friends: Players can befriend each other to access special in-game features and functions. Players can send invitations to play together, share equipment and resources, or participate in community activities when making friends.

Challenge: Players can challenge each other in the game to see who is the better player. This challenge can be racing, fighting or other activities.

Team Support: In the game, players can help and support each other to achieve a common goal. This support can be resource sharing, joint digging and building, or helping in other activities.

Unlimited experience with Multiland: Online Sandbox

In the game Multiland: Online Sandbox, players will experience an exciting virtual world where they can freely create, explore and connect with other players. The game’s companion feature and support team also gives players a sense of excitement when playing the game with friends. Multiland Online MOD APK (God Mode/Infinite Ammo/No Reload/Car Damage) is an excellent choice for those who love the sandbox game genre with beautiful vivid sound, and many attractive features. Visit now and discover the exciting things the game is waiting for you!