MacroDroid MOD 5.46.10 Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Version5.46.10 (Latest)
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UpdatedJuly 10, 2024 (6 days ago)
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Introduce about MacroDroid

MacroDroid MOD APK is an automation app designed to help you create automated workflows on your Android device. It allows you to automate everyday tasks like sending messages, downloading files, controlling volume, and customising your phone’s behaviour. MacroDroid uses triggers to detect events like time or location and fires pre-set actions to automate the process.

Life Automation

With MacroDroid, users can create macros (automatic processes) based on specific events, such as time, location, touch, call or incoming message. Then, when those events occur, MacroDroid will automatically perform previously defined actions by the user, such as sending a message, activating aeroplane mode, opening an application, or calling specific numbers.

MacroDroid helps users save time and effort by automating daily tasks, making life more convenient. For example, users can create a macro to automatically turn off wifi when leaving the house or turn off the lights when leaving the room. In addition, MacroDroid has many other features, such as recording events and actions, editing and managing macros, creating macros from built-in templates and much more.

Automatically activate function

With this feature, users can select a trigger from the available list, such as time, location, phone status, and incoming and outgoing calls, to trigger the respective macros. Users can customize macros to perform automated tasks, such as automatically turning off wifi when going out of wifi coverage, sending automatic messages when receiving calls from a specific phone number, or running the app when the phone is fully charged.

MacroDroid’s “Select a trigger from list” feature helps users to create more innovative and more flexible automation macros, saving users time and effort during mobile phone usage—His motion.

Customize various trigger settings with specific configuration

This feature allows users to customize trigger settings to perform automated actions dynamically and to meet specific user needs.

Configuring MacroDroid-specific settings allows users to create diverse triggering rules to perform automated actions. For example, you can set a direction to automatically switch to do not disturb mode when certain conditions are met, such as time or location. Or you can set a path to automatically turn on Bluetooth and connect to your favourite device when you arrive at work.

What’s unique about configuring MacroDroid-specific settings is its flexibility. Users can customize settings to perform automatic actions based on conditions ranging from time and location to battery status and other sensors. Customizing MacroDroid-specific settings help users get the most out of automation and save time and effort in their daily lives.

To summarize, MacroDroid APK mod’s specific settings configuring feature is an attractive feature that allows users to customize trigger settings to perform automated actions according to individual user needs. This feature is flexible and diverse, helping users get the most out of automation and save time.

Automate actions

MacroDroid’s “Select an action from list” feature allows the user to select an action from a list of available activities and set them to execute automatically. Activities on the list include: Send Messages, Creating Schedules, Changing wifi Passwords, Auto Open Apps, Take Photos and many more. Users can choose and customize these actions according to their wishes, saving time and improving work efficiency. MacroDroid also provides customization options so users can set conditions and trigger actions according to time, location, phone activity and many other factors. With MacroDroid’s “Select an action from list” feature, users can quickly automate actions with just a few simple phone taps.

Automate actions by configuring settings

One of the standout features of MacroDroid is configuring specific action settings. With this feature, users can customize and adjust the grounds of the application to create the most accurate and efficient automated actions.

MacroDroid offers many options to configure settings for the user, including volume control, alarm clock settings, GPS location determination, and much more. Users can set up conditions and triggers so that MacroDroid automatically performs specific actions when that condition is met.

By configuring specific action settings, MacroDroid gives users flexibility and convenience in automating tasks on their mobile phones.

Customize actions on demand.

In addition to the default actions available, MacroDroid also allows users to customize actions according to their individual needs. You can add actions like opening your favourite apps, texting or emailing your loved ones, or even setting a schedule for your phone to automatically turn off wifi every night. With MacroDroid, customizing actions on demand is simpler and more convenient than ever.

Increased flexibility with list constraints

You can use list constraints to control the actions or events triggered, such as selecting phone numbers in a list to send messages or holding the volume on the phone based on time. Besides, you can customize conditions and actions based on values selected from the list, creating flexible and efficient operation rules. With this feature, MacroDroid MOD APK (Unlocked ) on MODAPKOKI makes it easy to create rules that work automatically according to your wishes.

Customize constraints as required.

This feature allows users to customize the bindings required to trigger the respective macros. These constraints include time, location, phone status, incoming and outgoing calls, notifications, etc. Users can customize these constraints according to their requirements to meet their phone usage needs.

For example, users can create a macro to automatically turn off wifi when going out of wifi coverage and turn wifi back on when back in range. Or automatically send a message to a specific phone number when you receive a call from that number. In addition, users can use extended constraints to create more complex macros, helping to optimize their phone usage experience.

MacroDroid’s “Configure Constraints On Demand” feature helps users create more innovative and more flexible automation macros, saving users time and effort while using their mobile phones.

Customize the name and category for the macro.

With MacroDroid, you can create macros to automate tasks on your phone. The function to select names and categories for macros gives you the freedom to name and categorize them according to your needs for easy management and search in your list of macros. You can call your macros using different characters and symbols and organise them by categories like Work, Entertainment, Study, or Security. This makes it easier to distinguish and identify macros more quickly and conveniently.

Improve user experience

MacroDroid is an automation application that allows users to set up scripts to perform actions on the phone automatically. The Pro version of MacroDroid offers more features and utilities than the free version. With MacroDroid Pro, users can create and customise scenarios more flexibly. Advanced features such as Multi-Group Actions, Triggering more complex condition-based actions, or Custom User Interfaces allow users to customize MacroDroid’s user interface to suit their needs. Me.

In addition, the Pro version of MacroDroid provides a Backup and Restore feature, allowing users to back up and restore scenarios quickly. MacroDroid Pro also does not display ads, helping users focus on using the application more effectively.

With MacroDroid Pro, users will get a better automation application experience and meet their needs more comprehensively and flexibly.

Life Automation

By automating mobile actions, MacroDroid saves users time and energy and brings convenience and flexibility into daily life. If you are looking for a professional and easy-to-use automation application, try MacroDroid MOD 5.46.10 today and experience a change in how you perform tasks on your mobile phone.