Kingdom Rush Origins

Hack Kingdom Rush Origins MOD 6.1.24 Unlimited Money APK

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NameKingdom Rush Origins
PublisherIronhide Games
Version6.1.24 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedFebruary 14, 2024 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a real-time defense strategy game developed and published by Ironhide Game Studio. It is a sequel to the Kingdom Rush series of games, released in 2014 for iOS and Android platforms and later released for other platforms such as PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

In Kingdom Rush Origins, players will control troops and defense towers to fend off attacks from armies of monsters and evil forces. The game has many modes, including primary campaign, challenge, and Iron modes. In the primary campaign mode, players must complete various levels in different kingdom areas, with each region having its unique monster generals and events.

Kingdom Rush Origins is appreciated for its engaging tactical gameplay, and abundant options and defense strategies. The game also features upgrades and unlocks new defenses, skills, and troops, allowing players to customize and improve their combat abilities.

Unleash the power of each goblin

In Kingdom Rush Origins, players can summon and use elves to aid in combat. Each goblin has its strengths and skills, allowing players to fight more effectively.

To unleash the power of each goblin, the player needs to collect and use materials to upgrade them. These materials can be found in battle or by completing quests.

Some famous goblins in the game include:

Treant – Tree stump elves with offensive and defensive abilities.

Phoenix – Firebird elves can attack and create flaming fire zones.

Faery – Fairy elves can heal and help soldiers attack stronger.

Gnome – Elves elves can build defensive towers and repair them.

Golem – Clay elves with solid defense and powerful attack.

When upgraded, each goblin will be equipped with new skills and powers, allowing players to customize and use them flexibly and effectively in battle.

Discover eight new dedicated tower upgrades with over 18 abilities

In Hack Kingdom Rush Origins APK, players can upgrade their defense towers to increase their strength and combat ability. The game features eight different types of specialized towers, each with their unique features and abilities.

To upgrade towers, players need to use and consume resources to unlock upgrade levels. Each upgrade level will provide new features to the tower, allowing players to use them more effectively in battle.

Some of the specialized defense towers in the game include:

Druid Tower – A defensive tower for the Treant tree elf, capable of attack and defense.

Arcane Archers – Tower defense for crystal gunners, capable of attacking from a distance and keeping a safe distance.

Mage Tower – A defensive tower for witches, capable of using powerful magic to attack monsters.

Barracks – Tower defense for minions, capable of attacking and blocking the path of monsters.

Dwarven Bastion – Tower defense for gnomes, capable of repairing defensive towers and attacking monsters.

Tower defense upgrades will give players more than 18 abilities, ranging from powerful attacks to healing and mana regeneration. Choosing and matching defensive towers to your strategy will be essential in winning the game.

Enemy clash

In Kingdom Rush Origins APK mod, players face various monsters and enemies ranging from ferocious beasts to evil sorcerers.

These monsters and enemies are divided into several types, each with its own characteristics and different strategic elements. Several types of enemies in the game include:

Goblins – The first enemies to appear in the game, often accompanied by small beasts. Goblins can hit fast and run fast but are pretty weak.

Orcs – Enemies stronger than goblins, with better attack and defense. Some types of Orcs also can climb over obstacles and attack from behind.

Trolls – Large and powerful beasts that are resistant to large amounts of damage and deal heavy damage.

Gargoyles – Flying monsters capable of attacking from above, very dangerous to defense towers lying on the ground.

Dark Knights – Enemies with very high attack and defense, especially against physical damage types.

Players must use their defensive towers and combat skills to defeat these enemies effectively. Thoughtful planning and fighting will be the key to winning the game.

Train brave and legendary heroes

Kingdom Rush Origins APK 6.1.24 are capable of particular ant and can become a great strength of the defense team.

The game has nine heroes, each with unique abilities and skills, helping players defeat enemies and protect their kingdom. Here are some outstanding heroes in the game:

Eridan – Hero capable of summoning monsters to help fight.

Arivan – A witch with powerful magical attack abilities.

Ashbite – A guy who awakens the power of dragons and can fly in the sky to attack from above.

Bravebark – A giant Batman who can deal massive damage and attack from behind enemies.

Vez’nan – An evil sorcerer who can summon beasts to attack enemies and protect his team.

Choosing and using the right heroes will help players achieve high efficiency in combat and win. Besides, upgrading skills and equipping heroes is essential to enhance their strength.

The perfect combination of strategy and action

With varied tactical gameplay and immersive sound, Kingdom Rush Origins has become one of the best tower defense games on the market. From discovering new specialized towers to training heroes and unleashing the powers of elves, the game offers players a fun and engaging experience. If you are a fan of the tower defense game genre, try playing Kingdom Rush Origins MOD APK (Unlimited Money) and experience the dramatic and thrilling battles.