Justice Rivals 3

Hack Justice Rivals 3 MOD 1.097h God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameJustice Rivals 3
PublisherRuNix Games
Version1.097h (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedNovember 7, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Justice Rivals 3

Justice Rivals 3 MOD APK (God Mode) is an action and adventure game on mobile phones developed by the famous game company from Brazil, R-Play Studio. In the game, players will experience the battle between police and criminals in a big city.

Players can choose to become one of two factions: Police or Criminals. If you decide to become a police officer, you will be given the role of protecting the law, catching criminals, and protecting people. If you become a criminal, you will be involved in illegal activities such as bank robbery, theft, and killing police.

In summary, Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers is a dramatic and engaging action game suitable for lovers of the action-adventure genre.

Each team has its own goals

Justice Rivals 3, their main goal is to protect the people and ensure public order. They will be tasked with catching and arresting criminals, preventing illegal activities such as bank robbery, theft, smuggling, and controlling dangerous areas. At the same time, the Police team must also find a way to maintain a balance between protecting justice and ensuring everyone’s safety.

Meanwhile, the Crime team aims to get rich and make money by any means. They will participate in illegal activities such as bank robbery, theft, and destroying the police officers on guard. Crime Team also tries to control and occupy areas to gain power and monopoly in illegal activities.

Each team has its objective, and the player can choose one of two teams to participate in the war between Police and Crime. Depending on the player’s chosen team, they will be given different tasks and activities to achieve their team’s goals.

Gather the crew

The crew is a feature of Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers that allows players to connect and play together to achieve common in Hack Justice Rivals 3 APK. Players can create a team or join an existing team.

When creating a crew, the player becomes the team leader and controls the team’s activities. Players can invite friends or other players to join their team to play together and achieve common goals. A strong crew can help players gain more complex missions and fight more effectively in the war between Police and Crime.

In addition, in the crew, players can exchange experiences and share information and strategies, creating an environment of cooperation and collaboration among team members. This helps players take advantage of the advantages of each team member to achieve maximum efficiency.

In short, the crew gathering feature in Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers helps players connect and play together to achieve a common goal, creating an environment of cooperation and collaboration among team members.


Justice Rivals 3 APK mod has a single player for players who want to experience the game alone. In a single-player, the player can play as a cop or a criminal and complete the game’s missions.

As a police officers, players will participate in missions to protect the area, arrest criminals, prevent illegal activities, and ensure everyone’s safety. Players will be equipped with police weapons and vehicles to carry out these missions.

As a criminal, the player will participate in illegal activities such as robbing banks, stealing, and destroying the guarding police. Players will have to equip the weapons and vehicles of criminals to carry out these activities and avoid arrest on MODAPKOKI.

In single-player, players will experience different missions and face other challenges, depending on their chosen role. In addition, players can also complete challenges and tasks to collect experience points and unlock new equipment.

In short, Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers’ single player allows players to experience the game alone and complete various missions as either police or criminals.

Complicated band of robbers

Complex robbers (“skillful gangs”) are hazardous and challenging crimes. These criminal gangs specialize in robbing banks, coffers, financial institutions, and high-rise buildings, using vehicles such as guns, bombs, fire trucks, helicopters, and other equipment. They are lifted and lowered.

Complex gangs often have a very tight and secretive organizational structure, with members carefully selected and professionally trained in carrying out criminal activities criminal. These members are often highly technically qualified and experienced in using tools and equipment to perform complex operations.

To prevent the activities of sophisticated gangs, the functional forces often have to focus on using espionage techniques, assessing the situation, capturing intelligence, and using tracking and monitoring devices. Close. The active details also need high combat skills and reasonable means to deal with complex bandits.

In Justice Rivals 3 APK 1.097h, a complex band of robbers is a hazardous and challenging crime. To prevent their activity, it is necessary to use espionage techniques and assess the situation and reasonable means of the forces. Function.

Team up with your teammates to defeat the bandits

With simple but attractive gameplay, Justice Rivals 3 Cops & Robbers will give players a dramatic and challenging experience. The game also helps players enhance strategic thinking, coordinate with teammates, and practice combat skills. Enter this adventurous world and become a good cop to defeat complicated gangs in Justice Rivals 3 MOD APK (God Mode).