Jelly Juice

Hack Jelly Juice MOD 1.142.5 Unlimited Lives/Stars APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameJelly Juice
PublisherredBit games
Version1.142.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives/Stars
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 13, 2024 (10 hours ago)
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Introduce about Jelly Juice

Jelly Juice MOD APK on MODAPKOKI, you will enter a challenging fairy tale journey where the cute and fertile jelly is the key to rescuing characters and exploring magical lands. Get ready to show your creativity and ingenuity in combining, swapping, and dredging jelly to create powerful combos and achieve the highest score. You will experience subtle challenges while enjoying the sense of humour and satisfaction when you see the jelly merge and disappear. Prepare for a memorable adventure where you’ll meet lovable characters, explore new areas, and experience the nonstop fun of capturing sweet jellies. Get ready to show off your talent and become a Jelly Juice master!

Brand new match-3 game

Jelly Juice‘s match-3 game gives you stimulating and satisfying sensations. Your task is to match at least three jellies of the same color in a horizontal or vertical row to make them disappear and earn points. There are many different types of jelly with unique colors and shapes, creating a variety and richness for the game.

In addition to combining jelly, you can create powerful combos and raise your score by creating unique combinations. Explore and exploit special effects like Boom Jelly, Color Splash, or Jelly Storm to clear a larger area or create destruction of all the same coloured jelly.

Not only combining jelly, but Jelly Juice also gives you diverse goals and challenges at each level. You must rescue the character, collect materials or clear a specific number of cells to advance on the map. Each level brings a new challenge and requires you to use tactics and skills to overcome it.

Escape from the hungry pastry chef

You will join the unique and exciting adventure to escape the hungry pastry chef. Covered with colorful jellies, the hungry chef is imprisoning delicious candies and cakes. Your mission is to use your skills and intelligence to rescue the chef and find a way out of the kitchen.

You will encounter different levels during the gameplay, each with its objective. You may have to combine jellies with cleaning your workbench, creating a path for the chef, or gathering the ingredients needed to cook a cake. In addition, you also face different challenges, such as obstacles and limited time, making for an exciting and stressful experience.

You must use your skills and tactics to rescue the chef and advance in Jelly Juice Mod. Combine colorful jelly to create powerful combos and special effects, helping you clear a more extensive range and achieve high scores. At the same time, please beware of the limited number of steps in each level and find ways to use them wisely.

Escaping from the hungry pastry chef in Jelly Juice is a quest and a fun and colorful adventure. Prepare for a unique experience and find a way to show off your skills to rescue the chef and explore challenging new levels!

4000+ levels

Jelly Juice game gives you an incredible amount of 4000+ levels and an endless world of challenge and fun. Get ready to immerse yourself in the long journey and discover each new level with unique and fascinating challenges.

Each level in Jelly Juice MOD APK (Unlimited Lives/Stars) has its own goal, from rescuing adorable characters, collecting ingredients for cake recipes, creating a path to escape the chef, or simply cleaning the tables. With each level, the challenge and requirements will also increase, requiring you to use your skills and tactics to overcome them.

Throughout your journey of 4000+ levels, you will encounter diverse scenes and settings, from the peaceful countryside and vibrant flower gardens to vibrant cities.

You need your creativity and jelly-matching skills to pass thousands of levels. Create powerful combos by matching and clearing colourful jelly. Use special effects and boosters to clean a more extensive range and achieve high scores.

With 4000+ levels, Jelly Juice gives you an adventure that lasts and never gets boring. Enjoy the challenge and fun from each new level, uncover the next secret, and become a Jelly Juice master!

Achievement rankings

The leaderboard is the place to show the competition and success of players worldwide. Show your abilities and climb to the top to become the best player.

Jelly Juice’s leaderboard records each player’s score based on their achievements and performance in levels. You will receive a score based on the number of levels completed, the time to complete, the number of steps used, and the number of points achieved. Try to complete the levels quickly and efficiently to get the highest score.

Not only the public leaderboard, Hack Jelly Juice APK also offers friends leaderboards, allowing you to compare your achievements with your friends. You can challenge and compete directly with your friends, creating exciting and motivating races to improve your skills.

You can also track your progress through the leaderboard and compare it with other players worldwide. You will find yourself so admired and excited as you climb higher and higher and rank higher and better.

Immerse yourself in the sweet land with Jelly Juice

In Jelly Juice, you have gone on a beautiful adventure to the sweet land of jelly. You’ve rescued cute characters and explored lands full of color and joy by matching, swapping and dredging colorful jelly. From subtle challenges to the sense of humor of jelly fusion, you’ve experienced a fantastic adventure that only Jelly Juice can deliver. With your creativity and skills, you have become the master of the game and the rescuer of the sweet jelly. Keep exploring and challenge yourself in this fantastic world and become the greatest player of Jelly Juice APK mod (Unlimited Lives/Stars)!