Idle Zombie Shelter

Hack Idle Zombie Shelter MOD Unlimited Wood APK

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NameIdle Zombie Shelter
PublisherLight Core Game
Version1.16.0.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Wood
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 3, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Idle Zombie Shelter

Idle Zombie Shelter MOD APK (Unlimited Wood) on MODAPKOKI is a resource management simulation game on the mobile platform. Players will be transported into a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are ravaging, and human survival is scarce. The player’s task is to build a safe shelter for the survivors and resist the attack of the zombies.

In addition, players must collect resources such as food, water and fuel to ensure the students’ survival. They can also upgrade their facilities and purchase and produce equipment, weapons, and tools to help enhance their party’s survivability.

A unique feature of Idle Zombie Shelter is the “Idle” feature, which allows players to continue to gather resources and evolve their base even when they are not directly involved in the game. This helps players save time and improve efficiency in resource management.

In addition, the game also features community interaction, allowing players to connect and support each other in building a haven in the zombie world.

Overview of Idle Zombie Shelter, this is an exciting and attractive game for those who love resource management and survival games, especially those who love the zombie genre.

Construction of buildings

In Idle Zombie Shelter, the construction of buildings is significant to upgrade your base and provide facilities for your living group. There are different types of structures to build, including:

Housing: provide accommodation for your students, helping to improve their health and psychological well-being. You can upgrade houses to provide more room and increase their push-ups.

Warehouse: provides a place to store resources such as food, water, and building materials. You can upgrade warehouses to offer more storage space and increase their protection.

Research Station: helps you research and produce new equipment, weapons, and tools to enhance your team’s survivability. You can upgrade research stations to expand their research capacity and increase production efficiency.

Training Station: provides a place to train and improve the skills of your team members. You can upgrade training stations to extend training courses and enhance their training effectiveness.

In addition, you can also build other buildings such as medical rooms, train stations, power stations and gas stations to meet the group’s different needs. All facilities can be upgraded to provide more amenities and enhance the team’s survivability in the zombie world.

Building upgrade

Each type of building has different upgrade levels, from low to high, and each upgrade level will provide various utilities for that building. Here are some benefits of building upgrades in Idle Zombie Shelter:

Increases push-ups: Housing upgrades will provide more room to house your party members. Higher upgrade levels will increase the house’s push-ups, helping to protect party members from zombie attacks.

Increase storage capacity: Upgrading the warehouse will provide more storage space for your resources. Higher upgrade levels will increase the warehouse’s defence, helping protect your resources from zombie attacks.

Increase production efficiency: Upgrading research and training stations will increase the team’s production efficiency, helping to produce new equipment, weapons, and tools faster and more efficiently.

Capacity expansion: Upgrading other buildings, such as the medical room, train station, power station, and gas station, will help meet the different needs of the team and expand the capacity of the group.

Upgrading the building in Hack Idle Zombie Shelter APK is essential for providing conveniences and enhancing the team’s survivability in the dangerous environment of the zombie world.

Fight with zombies

Here are some benefits of fighting zombies:

Earn resources: Fighting zombies will Idle Zombie Shelter APK mod earn you resources such as food, water, ammunition, and other valuable items to help you survive in this dangerous environment.

Enhance combat skills: Fighting zombies will help your team hone their combat skills, from using weapons to coordinating with party members.

Increase your facility’s security: Fighting zombies is integral to protecting your facility. If you don’t actively fight zombies, they can attack and destroy your buildings and resources.

Boost your sense of confidence: Fighting zombies is a stressful and dramatic experience. As you and your team battle and triumph over them, it boosts your enthusiasm and excitement in every adventure that follows.

However, when fighting with zombies, you must be careful and ready for surprise attacks. Ensure you have enough weapons, ammunition, and tools to fight and protect your team.

Rescue the refugees alive

Rescuing the surviving refugees is one of the essential missions to help Idle Zombie Shelter APK your team survive and strengthen the base. Here are some of the benefits of rescuing refugees:

Increase the number of members: When you rescue the refugees, they will become new members of your party, increasing the strength and fighting ability of the group.

Help provide resources: Refugees can bring necessary resources such as food, water, ammunition, and other items to help their facility survive.

Strengthens relationships and solidarity: Rescuing survivors can create unity among your team members, helping to enhance solidarity and affection among members.

Forge New Relationships: Refugees can bring new skills and experiences to your team, increasing your team’s strength and survivability in this dangerous world.

However, rescuing refugees is not always easy. You must be ready for the challenges and risks in saving them, including attacks from zombies or other forces. In addition, you also need to have enough resources and equipment to help you successfully keep refugees.

Survive the dangerous world with Idle Zombie Shelter

Idle Zombie Shelter, players will experience a world full of drama and tension when faced with challenges and dangers from a world full of zombies. However, with ingenuity in resource management and facility building, players can survive and grow their base, creating a world full of hope and opportunity. With the building upgrade and unlock system, diverse team members, and attractive battle mode, Idle Zombie Shelter MOD APK (Unlimited Wood) is an entertaining and challenging game for genre lovers—a survival game in the dangerous world of zombies. Join this game on