Idle School Tycoon

Hack Idle School Tycoon MOD 1.7.7 Unlimited Money APK

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NameIdle School Tycoon
PublisherOctopus game
Version1.7.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 14, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle School Tycoon

Idle School Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a management simulation game developed and published by Hothead Games. In this game, the player will act as the superintendent of a school and have to manage all the activities of that school. Players will start with a small school and develop it into a larger school by building new classrooms, attracting students, and improving the quality of education. Players can also hire new teachers, improve the skills of existing teachers, create new curricula, and improve school facilities. In this game, the player will have to find a way to increase the school’s revenue by attracting students and increasing the amount of tuition. Players can also invest in new facilities and services to improve the quality of education and attract more students.

School construction

Players Idle School Tycoon can build new classrooms to meet the learning needs of students, as well as other facilities such as toilets, kitchens, and medical rooms to ensure the health and safety of students. Each type of classroom in a school has a different role and requires a different number of students to function effectively.

For example, a literature classroom requires fewer students than a technical classroom or a gymnasium. Players need to find a way to balance and optimize classroom use to meet students’ needs while increasing revenue for the school. Players can also upgrade existing classrooms to increase efficiency and improve the quality of education. The upgraded classrooms can attract more students and increase revenue for the school. Building schools is integral to developing a player’s school in Idle School Tycoon MOD APK. Players need to consider and optimize the use of classrooms and upgrade them to increase efficiency and revenue for the school.

School upgrade

Players can upgrade many different aspects of the school, including the facilities and quality of education. For example, players can upgrade toilets, kitchens, medical rooms, libraries, brothels, and classrooms to ensure that their school provides adequate facilities for students to learn best and develop. Players can upgrade the skills and expertise of teachers in schools by training and equipping them with modern teaching tools and creating new curricula to improve the quality of education.

One of the important ways to increase player income and improve the school is to raise tuition. Players can upgrade all classrooms and school facilities to increase the educational value of the school while attracting more students and raising tuition fees to achieve higher revenue.

School upgrades are essential to the player’s school development in Hack Idle School Tycoon APK. Players need to optimize the upgrading of facilities and the quality of education to attract more students and increase revenue for the school.

Meet staff needs and help students improve their grades

Enhance teacher equipment and facilities: Players can upgrade teachers’ offices, equip teachers with modern teaching tools and facilities, and improve teachers’ salaries to attract more teachers. And retain good teachers. In Idle School Tycoon, the player’s school must improve its facilities, including classrooms, practice rooms, libraries, kitchens, restrooms, a medical room, a playground and a brothel. When facilities are better, students will have a better learning environment, which helps them improve their grades. Improve the quality of education: Players can upgrade the curriculum and provide students with higher-quality educational materials. At the same time, create extracurricular activities, competitions, and curricula tailored to the needs of the students.

Players Idle School Tycoon APK mod can improve student diets by investing in the kitchen and providing healthier, more nutritious, delicious food. This will help students have better health and help them focus more on studying, and improve their grades. To meet staff needs and help students improve their scores in Idle School Tycoon, players need to focus on upgrading facilities and improving student’s education quality and diet.

Balance revenue and expenditure to ensure sustainable operation

The balance of revenue and spending is essential to ensure the sustainable operation of the school. This requires players to consider the costs but still provide enough income to compensate.

Increase the number of students: Increasing the number of students will help increase revenue for the school. Players can use promotional strategies and reduce tuition to attract students. Invest in extracurricular activities: Investing in extracurricular activities such as football teams, singing teams, drama clubs, art, and conservatories will help attract students and increase revenue for the school. Optimizing staffing costs: Players can hire experienced teachers and train staff to increase work efficiency.

Boost your business: Players can boost their businesses by creating school shops such as costume shops, bookstores, and educational toys, helping to increase revenue for the school. Calculate and consider the cost of upgrading a school carefully: Players must consider the cost to avoid high fees and ensure that income is still enough to cover it.

The balance of income and expenditure in Idle School Tycoon APK 1.7.7 is essential to ensure the sustainable operation of the school. Players can increase the number of students, invest in extracurricular activities, optimize personnel costs, improve business operations, and calculate and consider the charges when upgrading schools to achieve this goal.

Be a good manager in Idle School Tycoon.

In the game Idle School Tycoon, you will experience the life of a school administrator and face many challenges to improve the quality of education. With equally exciting gameplay and many attractive features, Idle School Tycoon MOD APK will be a great entertainment game for those who love the management genre. Are you ready to be a good manager in Idle School Tycoon MOD APK? Download and experience today to discover!