Idle Hero Colosseum

Hack Idle Hero Colosseum MOD 1 Menu/God Mode/No Skill Cost APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameIdle Hero Colosseum
Version1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/God Mode/No Skill Cost
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 9, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Idle Hero Colosseum

Idle Hero Colosseum MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/No Skill Cost) is a mobile strategy game developed by developer 4399en game. In this game, players will be transformed into a king and build their armies to participate in battles in the arena.

The game owns an automatic battle system; players do not need to manipulate too much, just set the squad and watch the match. In addition, players can also participate in monster fighting activities, collect resources and upgrade items, and strengthen their army.

In particular, the game also has a PvP system that allows players to confront other players, seeking the highest position on the leaderboard. In addition, there is also a challenge mode between alliances.

Evade and counterattack

Evade and counterattack are two essential features of Idle Hero Colosseum to help players strengthen their armies.

Evasion is the ability of the characters in the squad to dodge the opponent’s attacks. When upgraded, the character’s mysterious ability will increase, helping to reduce the amount of damage received in battle.

Counterattack is the ability of the characters in the squad to attack the opponent when attacked by the opponent. When upgraded, the character’s ability to counterattack will increase, helping the player squad to deal more damage to opponents in matches.

Using evasion and counterattack in the squad will help players confront strong opponents in the game effectively. In addition, investing in upgrading evasion and revenge is also a way to help players strengthen their army, bringing impressive victories in the arena and PvP.

Dodge combo attacks from bosses

In Hack Idle Hero Colosseum APK, bosses often focus on attacking one or more characters in the player’s squad. The player can use the character’s dodging skills or support items to dodge these attacks to reduce the damage received.

In addition, placing the correct formation is also an essential factor in helping players dodge attacks from bosses. Characters who can avoid, counterattack or heal will be an excellent choice to deal with bosses.

Using the character’s evasive skills to support items and placing the correct formation will help players reduce damage and enhance the squad’s survivability under challenging matches on MODAPKOKI.

Upgrade artefact, and make it stronger

Upgrading artefacts will give your hero new features, unlock unique skills, and enhance strength, speed, and endurance.

There are several ways to upgrade in Idle Hero Colosseum APK mod:

Use of Materials: Players can use coins and gems to upgrade artefacts. When you upgrade an artefact, it enhances the hero’s attributes and skills.

Unique Skill Activation: Some artefacts have special skills that, when activated, will give your hero incredible powers. To start this particular skill, you need to learn about the specific requirements of each artefact.

Artefact Combination: If you have many of the same artefacts, you can combine them to create a more powerful artefact. This new artefact will have higher attributes and more powerful skills.

Step-by-Step Upgrade: Upgrade your artefacts tier by tier to gain more power. Each upgrade level will require different ingredients and give your hero new abilities and skills.

Various powerful heroes

Each hero has unique features and skills, gear sets and artefacts that can be customized to enhance the hero’s strength and abilities.

Here are some examples of heroes in Idle Hero Colosseum APK 1:

Assassin: An assassin is a type of hero that attacks from a distance and has fast speed and high damage ability. Assassins are often used in attacking particular targets or killing weak enemies.

Warrior: A warrior is a close-attack hero with high resistance and endurance. They are often used to attack targets that are resistant to assassins.

Mage: A mage is a type of hero that attacks from afar, capable of summoning and controlling monsters to attack enemies. They are often used to attack enemy mobs or support other heroes in the party.

Fairies: Fairies are support heroes, capable of healing and protecting teammates. They are often used to keep teammates alive during important matches.

Pirate: A pirate is a versatile hero, capable of attacking from a distance and close. They are often used to attack weak enemies and kill enemies of equal strength.

Depending on your gameplay and strategy, you can choose one or more heroes to build the strongest squad and win the game Idle Hero Colosseum matches.

Detailed instructions for playing the game Idle Hero Colosseum

With various heroes, items, and attractive features, the game Idle Hero Colosseum has created an exciting and engaging gaming experience for players. Upgrading and strengthening your heroes and competing and ranking high in tournaments can make you a champion in Idle Hero Colosseum MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/No Skill Cost). Good luck, and enjoy the game!