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Hack Idle Dice MOD 1.3.384 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameIdle Dice
Version1.3.384 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 7, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Idle Dice

Idle Dice MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a free online game developed by Lutsgames. In this game, players will manage a chess board and try to collect scores by rolling the dice.

Each roll of the dice generates several points, which players can use to buy skills or upgrade their dice to increase their chances of scoring.

The game has various modes, including single-player mode, online mode and team mode. In addition, the game also provides many different difficulty levels for players to challenge and improve their skills.

Value upgrade

To enhance the value of a game, there are several ways that developers can apply in Idle Dice:

Regular updates: Regular updates will help the game always have new features, fix bugs and increase stability for players. This will also keep the player’s interest and passion alive.

Uniqueness: A game will become more attractive when it has unique features and is unlike any other game. If a game can offer new and memorable experiences for players, it will make a difference and attract many players.

Social interaction: Games with social interaction will create a gaming community, helping players connect and share. This can increase the game’s fun and challenge and make a connection between players and developers.

Variety and challenge: The game should have different difficulty levels so that players can improve their skills and increase the challenge. At the same time, there should also be various features and content so that players can explore and learn more about the game.

Earn dice combos

In Hack Idle Dice APK, earning dice combos is a way to increase scores. To make a dice combo, players need to roll the dice to have the same number of points or follow a specific sequence of numbers.

There are several ways to earn dice combos:

Toss as many dice as possible: If a player rolls multiple dies simultaneously, the possibility of a combo is higher. However, this also means that the risk is higher when no dice of the same number or sequence exist.

Pick a sequence of numbers and focus on rolling the dice in that sequence: This can make it easy for players to land a dice combo. For example, a player chooses a number from 1 to 6 and rolls the dice in that order. The player earns a combo if all the dice have the same number or sequence.

Use skills or support items: In some games, players can use skills or items to increase their ability to earn dice combos. For example, the skill “Re-roll” allows the player to roll the dice again, or the article “Wild Dice” allows the player to choose the number of dice points they want on MODAPKOKI.

Consideration and calculation before rolling the dice: To earn a dice combo, players need a little analysis and thinking before rolling the dice. Players should calculate the probability of getting specific numbers or sequences and choose the right way to roll the dice to increase the chances of getting combos.

Choose cards that offer rewards

Selecting cards that provide rewards is essential to many card and fighting games. Some notes when choosing cards that offer tips in Idle Dice APK mod:

Evaluate Card Value: Before choosing a card, a player should evaluate the value of that card to his strategy. Higher-value cards often offer better rewards but cost more to own.

Learn how cards work: Each card will have a unique way of working, so players should learn how to use them effectively. A player can squander an excellent opportunity to win a reward without knowing how to use a card.

Focus on your strategy: Players should choose cards with rewards that align with their strategy. Power and attack cards should be selected if the player aims to attack. Suppose the goal is protection, select cards that increase your opponent’s defence or decrease your opponent’s attack.

Cost calculation: Players need to calculate the cost of owning the cards and assess whether it is worth the investment. If the cost of owning a card is too high, the player may have to trade off other cards or skip the card.

Consult the experience of other players: If a player is starting to play a game, they should consult the experience of other players. Experienced players will be able to provide valuable tips and strategies to help players choose the right cards and win the best rewards.

The process of automatic

An automated process, or computerised process, is a process or task performed automatically using computer tools and software. This helps to minimize human intervention during repetitive tasks, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of operations.

Automated processes can be used in many areas, from manufacturing to data management. For example, automated manufacturing processes can control production processes, ensure product quality, and reduce problems.

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In programming, automated processes perform automated tasks such as source code testing, source code deployment, and unit testing.

In short, automatic progression is a valuable tool to increase operations’ speed, efficiency and accuracy in Idle Dice APK 1.3.384.

Try your hand at Idle Dice and become a dice master

In short, Idle Dice is an exciting entertainment game with beautiful vibrant sound and many attractive features. By upgrading dice value, combining combos and using bonus cards, players can achieve high scores and become dice masters. With the auto progress feature, players can enjoy the game comfortably without too much interaction. Idle Dice MOD APK (Unlimited Money) experience the thrill and challenge of being a dice master!