Hyper Dungeon

Hack Hyper Dungeon MOD 0.38 Rune Power APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameHyper Dungeon
Version0.38 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesRune Power
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 7, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Hyper Dungeon

Hyper Dungeon MOD APK (Rune Power) is an action-adventure game for mobile phones developed by MiniDragon, currently available on Google Play Store. In the game, players will be transported into an underground world full of monsters and need to fight to find treasure and save the world from dangerous enemies.

Hyper Dungeon game is designed with the pixel art style. It has various features such as PVP online mode, weekly updates with many new missions, random maps and even a weapon system and equipment so players can upgrade and customize their characters.

Players need to have a mobile device running the Android operating system to play this game and download and install the Hyper Dungeon game from the Google Play Store. The game is free and available in many languages to serve players worldwide.

Over 100 Unique Runes

In Hyper Dungeon, players can find and use more than 100 unique Runes to upgrade and customize their characters.

Each Rune represents a different ability or attribute, such as increased attack power, stamina, or movement speed. Runes can be found in rewards after fighting monsters or purchased from the in-game store with currency on MODAPKOKI.

In addition, players can also combine Runes to form more powerful combinations, making their characters more robust and better able to fight more dangerous monsters. This creates variety and customization for player characters, which enhances their gaming experience in Hyper Dungeon.

Auto attack

In Hack Hyper Dungeon APK, an auto-attack feature makes it easy for players to fight monsters and perform quests without too much manipulation.

The auto-attack feature automatically allows the player’s character to attack and destroy monsters when they appear in battle. This saves players time and energy when defeating monsters to find a treasure or complete quests.

However, players must also pay attention to using the auto-attack feature because it can reduce the character’s fighting ability if the player does not use skills or combine Runes properly. Fit. Auto-attack should be combined with the right gaming strategy to ensure victory in the Hyper Dungeon game.

Game mechanics determine amulets

When the player attacks or is attacked by a monster, the Amulet will activate to minimize the damage and negatively affect the player’s character. However, the Amulet can expire after a certain number of uses, and the player must search further to continue to protect their character.

Players can search for Amulets in the rewards after battling monsters or buy them from the in-game store with in-game currency. In addition, players can also perform quests or complete objectives to receive free Amulets.

The mechanics of determining the Amulet in Hyper Dungeon are entirely random and highly random, which creates a challenge for players and ensures variety and unpredictability in Hyper Dungeon APK mod.

Power Upgrading

In Hyper Dungeon, players can power up their characters using Runes and items. These Runs and items are collected when the player fights monsters or completes quests in Hyper Dungeon APK 0.38.

Runes are unique items that improve a character’s attack, defence, or mobility. Runes can be attached to a character’s equipment or weapon to enhance their power. Players can find Runes in Treasure or buy them from the in-game store with currency.

In addition to Runes, players can find and use other items to upgrade the character’s strength, including gems and equipment. Gems can be used to upgrade Runes or buy special items from the in-game shop. New equipment can be purchased from the shop or found in the treasure.

Upgrading the character’s strength is an integral part of the game Hyper Dungeon, making it easier for players to defeat more brutal monsters and progress further.

A challenging and dramatic adventure experience

Hyper Dungeon is an exciting adventure game with many diverse and attractive features. The game is dramatic and never dull, from collecting items and Runes to power up to battling challenging monsters and finding Amulets to protect your character. Bored. If you are passionate about the action-adventure genre, Hyper Dungeon MOD APK (Rune Power) and experience exciting moments full of challenges and attractions.