Guardian Girls: Astral Battle

Hack Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD 0.9.6 God Mode/Massive Damage/Unlimited Premium Currency APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameGuardian Girls: Astral Battle
PublisherHi-Clay Games
Version0.9.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Massive Damage/Unlimited Premium Currency
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 3, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Guardian Girls: Astral Battle

Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK (God Mode/Massive Damage/Unlimited Premium Currency) is a free action role-playing game developed by Alchemist Code, released on iOS and Android platforms. In the game, players will take on the role of a warrior of the Guardian Girls, a group of girls fighting to protect the world from evil forces.

In Guardian Girls: Astral Battle on MODAPKOKI, players will face many different levels, defeating monsters and their leaders. Players can collect and upgrade items, equipment, and skills to enhance their character’s power. In addition, the game also has a team battle mode that allows players to participate in battles with their team. The game also features social interaction, allowing players to make friends and fight together in the game world.

A simple shot; move with the touch

“Simply shoot, move with touch” is a simple description of the gameplay of some mobile games. Instead of using the keyboard and mouse, players need to use the taps on the screen to move the character or attack the enemy.

With such simple gameplay, Hack Guardian Girls: Astral Battle APK often developed for entertainment and relaxation for players, especially during their free time or on the go.

Cute anime girls

Guardian Girls: Astral Battle is an anime game with many lovely female characters. Here is the list of girls in this game:

Yui – pink-haired girl with an energetic and emotional personality.

Luna – black-haired girl with rock control and a strong spirit.

Saya – blue-haired girl with healing powers and a gentle soul.

Rina – purple-haired girl with fighting skills and abundant energy.

Rei – a red-haired girl with feng shui abilities and loyalty.

Each character has a beautiful and unique appearance along with their personality. Players can choose a favourite character and develop their skills to join the Guardian Girls team to protect the world from the forces of evil.

Story of the game

In Guardian Girls: Astral Battle APK mod, the story revolves around the war between the Guardian Girls and the evil forces threatening the world’s existence. The main characters are girls in the Guardian Girls, an army that protects the world from dark forces. The story begins when a mysterious object appears in the sky and leads to dark forces attacking different parts of the world. Guardian Girls are summoned and tasked with protecting the world from the ravages of these forces. During the Battle, the Guardian Girls discovered the existence of a dark corporation called Shadow Corp. This group is plotting to attack and usurp energy from the world. The Guardian Girls must face them to stop their evil plan. In their journey, the Guardian Girls face many challenges and dangers, with help from comrades and new friends. With the unity and strength of the Guardian Girls’ army, they will defeat the Shadow Corp and protect the world from the ravages of dark forces.

Beat the Boss

In many role-playing and action games, boss fighting is an integral part of the Battle between the player Guardian Girls: Astral Battle APK 0.9.6 and the dark forces. Bosses are usually giant and stronger enemies than regular enemies, who can defeat the player in just a few attacks. Players need to focus on learning and exploiting their weaknesses to defeat the Boss. This may require the player to research the talents, equipment, skills, and tactics needed to defeat the Boss. In addition, fighting Boss also requires teamwork and coordination with team members. Players can coordinate with teammates to attack the Boss from many different sides and find ways to solve difficult situations. However, beating the Boss can also be a big challenge for the player, requiring them to focus and use their best strategy to defeat the Boss and advance to the next level.

Journey to save the world

In Guardian Girls: Astral Battle, players will experience a war between the dark forces and the army of Guardian Girls, brave and lovely girls. Protect the world with Guardian Girls, learn about the skills and personalities of the characters, defeat the forces of darkness, and become a legendary warrior in the world of Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK (God Mode/Massive Damage/Unlimited Premium Currency).