Hack Growkingdom2 MOD 1.1.21 Unlimited Money/Stones/Scroll APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherPokara Games
Version1.1.21 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Stones/Scroll
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 9, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Growkingdom2

Growkingdom2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Stones/Scroll) is an empire-building strategy game developed by a famous company in the gaming field, Ubisoft. This game is the next version of Growkingdom, with more improvements and exciting new features.

In Growkingdom2, players will witness the rise of an empire, from empire building, resource management, economic development, army training and battle to protect your kingdom and conquer and restore new lands.

In short, Growkingdom2 is an attractive and challenging game, suitable for those who love strategy games and want to become a talented leader of a great empire.

Legendary monsters appeared all over the kingdom

Some of those monsters are:

Dragon: The dragon is one of the most famous legendary monsters, considered the kingdom’s ruler and possesses extraordinary strength. They often appear in remote and hard-to-reach lands, where the player must face many challenges to defeat them.

Phoenix: The phoenix is a legendary monster that symbolises life and prosperity. They are commonly found in unspoiled forests and can create strong winds and fiery red flames as they soar through the sky.

Giants: Giants are one of the most fearsome legendary monsters with enormous size and extraordinary strength. They usually live in high mountains and can defeat the player with a single clapping.

Half-dragon: Half-dragon is one of the most fearsome legendary monsters, with a snake-like body but with the wings of a dragon. They often live in deep caves and can spew fire and toxins, making the player vulnerable to poison.

The above are just some examples of legendary monsters appearing in Growkingdom2. They give players tough challenges and opportunities to explore more of the game world.

Recruit heroes and expand legions

Recruiting heroes is very important so players can possess powerful characters and unique skills to participate in battles. Each hero has different properties and abilities, from strength, speed, and defence to special skills such as healing, damage increase, damage reduction, defence increase, combo attack, and more. Players must choose carefully and build the right squad to deal with the challenges in the game.

In Hack Growkingdom2 APK, expanding your legion is also a way for players to increase their strength and fight more effectively. Players can recruit soldiers and train them to improve the strength and combat skills of the army. There are many types of soldiers, including knights, archers, foot soldiers, javelin launchers, mages, melee combat mages, and many more. Each type of soldier has its characteristics and skills; players must depend on the specific situation to use the appropriate formation and win.

Dozens of heroes can use unique skills

Growkingdom2 APK mod, dozens of heroes can all use their unique skills. Each hero has 2 to 4 different skills, depending on the type of hero. These skills are critical to helping the player win battles and increase the army’s strength.

These skills can be divided into various categories: attack, defence, heal, damage reduction, damage increase, defence increase, combo attack, and more. Each type of skill has a different effect and needs to be used intelligently to defeat the opponent on MODAPKOKI.

In addition, players can also upgrade the hero’s skills to increase efficiency in battle. Each skill upgrade will increase the strength and decrease the cooldown. This skill enhancement will help the hero become more muscular and defeat the challenges in the game easier.

Build necessary buildings in town

In Growkingdom2 APK 1.1.21, the construction of buildings is significant so that the player can expand the town and strengthen the army. Here are some important facilities that the player can build in the city:

Ambush Building: This building is used to train foot soldiers.

Ammunition Building: This building is used to produce ammunition for weapons.

Knight Training Building: This building is used to train knights.

Archery Training Building: This building is used to train archers.

Mage Training Building: This building is used to train mages.

Foundry Building: This building is used to manufacture weapons and armour.

Building defence tower: this building is used to build defensive structures.

The church building is used to increase energy and heal the army.

Warehouse Building: This building is used to store resources and items.

Merchant Building: This building is used to buy and sell resources and articles.

The construction of these buildings will help the player strengthen the army and deal with the game’s challenges effectively.

Conquer the mystical world and build a powerful empire

Overview of Growkingdom2, this is an attractive free strategy game with beautiful and deep gameplay. The game allows players to experience adventures in a mystical world, fight monsters and build their empires. In addition, the recruitment of heroes and the expansion of the legion is also particular highlight of the game. With various features, Growkingdom2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Stones/Scroll) will be an excellent choice for those who love the strategy game genre.