Grand Action Simulator

Hack Grand Action Simulator MOD 1.7.2 Unlimited Energy APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameGrand Action Simulator
Version1.7.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 16, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Grand Action Simulator

Grand Action Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) on MODAPKOKI is an action simulation game developed by the first-class game studio HGames-ArtWorks. This game allows the player to role-play a character in New York City and go on quests or explore the city freely.

In the game, players can drive, walk or fly in the air, perform missions such as rescuing hostages, killing criminals, driving trucks and many more. In addition, players can also explore the city and search for secret items or find interesting locations.

Action Missions

In Grand Action Simulator, there are various action missions that players can perform. Here are some examples of action missions in this game:

Hostage Rescue: The player must find a way to reach and rescue the hostages from a building occupied by criminals.

Killing criminals: Players can be tasked with killing one or more criminals who are causing trouble in the streets.

Driving: In this game, the player can drive a taxi, train, truck or police car and perform tasks related to transporting goods or people.

Explore the city: Players can freely explore New York City, search for secret items and perform other exciting activities such as walking the streets, flying in the air or participating in races car.

Defend the city: Players can be tasked with defending the city from criminals or attacks by other enemies.

All of these missions are related and provide players with varied and exciting action experiences.

Fascinating map

Hack Grand Action Simulator APK has a large and diverse map, covering many different areas of New York City, from small neighborhoods to busy commercial centers. The map is designed to be very detailed and realistic, allowing players to explore and learn about different areas of the city.

Besides, the map also provides players with many interesting places to explore and participate in activities, including shops, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, stadiums, wharfs, etc. train, airport and many other locations. Thanks to this rich and varied map, players can enjoy an exciting and detailed city exploration experience.

In addition, the map also provides players with information about the locations of other missions and activities, making it easy for players to find and track their progress in the game.

Types of guns

In Grand Action Simulator New York, there are different types of guns that the player can use to perform different missions and activities in the game. Here are some popular guns in this game:

Pistol: This is a small sized gun that can be carried easily. It is usually used for close range attacks.

Rifles: This is a longer and more accurate gun, often used to attack from long distances.

Machine gun: This gun has a higher rate of fire and can fire a large amount of ammunition in a short time.

Hunting Gun: This is a gun used to hunt animals in the wild, but in the game it can also be used to attack moving targets.

Grenade Launcher: This is a gun capable of launching destructive explosives or ammunition, often used to destroy large targets or to knock down buildings.

Mortar: This is a gun capable of emitting large and heavy ammunition, often used to attack large targets and strong defense.

All of these guns are functional and provide the player with many options to perform different missions and activities in the game.

Special gameplay

In Grand Action Simulator APK 1.7.2, players can freely move around the map and participate in many different activities, including car driving, truck driving, shooting, racing, helicopter piloting, assault buildings and take on different missions.

In addition, the game also has other special features such as the ability to customize the player’s character, from costumes to avatars, and the ability to interact with the environment, including destroying buildings and objects. another in the city.

To sum up, Grand Action Simulator New York has a special gameplay because it offers players a free and arbitrary approach to an expansive city and lots of activities.

g, and also has many special features and customization to meet the needs of the player.

Freely explore the city and do many exciting activities

With freedom and flexibility in gameplay. Players can explore the vast New York City, experience a variety of activities. With a full range of guns, vehicles and environment interaction features, Grand Action Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) will surely satisfy players who love action and exploration games.