Eyes: Nonogram

Hack Eyes: Nonogram MOD 8.0 Unlimited Hearts APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameEyes: Nonogram
Version8.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hearts
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedNovember 2, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about Eyes: Nonogram

Eyes: Nonogram MOD APK is an image-based logic game where players solve Nonogram puzzles to find hidden mysterious image. Nonogram, a black-and-white photo or pixel image, is an exciting puzzle game.

In the game Eyes: Nonogram, the player will be given an empty grid of squares and a series of numbers displayed above and to the left of the grid. These numbers indicate the number of cells in the corresponding row or column that should be highlighted. The player uses this information to blacken the cells in the grid and form the required image.

The game has many levels, from easy to complex, and offers many other images to decipher. There’s even a “random” mode to generate random puzzles to solve.

Hundreds of beautiful pixel colour puzzles

Beautiful pixel colour puzzles are a famous logic puzzle game in which players must arrange coloured tiles to form the required image. These puzzles are usually presented on a grid of squares, with each tile painted a specific colour.

Each pixel colour puzzle usually has a required target image, and the player needs to use the numbers to the left and top of the grid to solve the mystery. These numbers indicate the number of cells in the row or column that must be coloured. The player uses this information to paint the appropriate colour boxes and form the required image.

Pixel colour puzzles usually have different difficulty levels, from easy to difficult, and can be a fun challenge for puzzle game lovers. Many video games also feature pixel colour puzzles, and players can find them on multiple platforms, from mobile phones to tablets and computers.

Fun and simple quiz for everyone

The pixel colour puzzles in Eyes: Nonogram usually have different difficulty levels, from easy to complex, and are divided into many groups so that players can try out puzzles suitable for their group. Mine.

Some simple and fun puzzles in the game Eyes: Nonogram might include:

Find an image of a heart shape of red and white squares.

Find a picture of a flower made up of yellow and white tiles.

Find a picture of a cat made up of black and white tiles.

Find a picture of a dog made up of brown and white squares.

Find a picture of a letter or number comprising black and white tiles.

These puzzles are often designed to help players focus on basic game skills, including analyzing information, looking for patterns, and making logical decisions to paint the correct colour tiles.

Puzzle logic verification system

Hack Eyes: Nonogram APK uses a logical verification system to ensure the correctness of puzzles when the player completes them. To check if the mystery is solved correctly, the game matches the player’s answer with the game’s correct answer.

To ensure the correctness of the answer, the game uses basic logic rules to determine which coloured tiles should be painted and which coloured cells should be kept blank. For example, if the required number of black cells in a row or column has been met, the remaining cells in that row or column will have to be painted white.

In addition, Eyes: Nonogram APK 8.0 also provides players with hints to help them solve more challenging puzzles. These suggestions may include painting well-defined cells or removing unnecessary cells to find more precise colour patterns.

Different difficulty levels

Eyes: Nonogram APK mod has many different difficulty levels, from easy to challenging, so players can choose the right level for their group. Difficulty levels are usually determined based on the size of the grid and the number of questions asked in the puzzle. Here are some examples of difficulty levels in the game Eyes: Nonogram:

Easy level: The grid is small in size, usually under 5×5 and has a small number of questions. In the puzzles of this level, the player only needs to use the game’s basic skills to find the answer.

Medium level: The grid is medium, from 6×6 to 10×10, with more questions than the easy level. In this level, players need to use their skills of analyzing patterns and making logical decisions to solve puzzles.

Difficulty level: The grid is large, from 11×11 and up and has a lot of questions. This level requires the player to have high analytical skills and may have to use various methods to solve puzzles.

In addition, Eyes: Nonogram MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts) offers some unique puzzles, such as puzzles with colours or puzzles with unique shapes, which can have different difficulties depending on their characteristics.