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Hack Cooking Center MOD Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameCooking Center
PublisherDream Tap
Version1.3.55.5089 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 9, 2024 (5 days ago)
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Introduce about the Cooking Center game

If you are a cooking lover and want to become a talented chef, Cooking Center MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the game for you! This is an exciting game where you will experience the life of a professional chef and perfect your cooking skills. With a full range of cooking tools, from stoves, pans, and cutlery to a refrigerator full of ingredients, you can unleash your creativity and cook delicious and unique dishes.

Discover more than 1000 delicious dishes

Cooking Center is a rich cooking game with more than 1000 delicious dishes updated regularly. The gameplay of the game is quite simple and easy to understand; players need to choose the food they want to cook and follow the steps according to the instructions on the screen. The dishes in the game are divided into many categories, such as desserts, main dishes, Asian, European, American, Japanese, Korean dishes… With more than 1000 other dishes, Cooking Center is a source of inspiration for culinary enthusiasts and a place to make your favourite dishes. Besides, the game also provides players with other features such as interior design, shopping for cooking utensils and restaurant management to create a complete experience.

Create a unique theme restaurant

One of the outstanding features of the game is that it allows the player to design and create a unique, unique theme restaurant. With a wide selection of styles, colours and decorations, players can create a unique dining space and attract customers. Besides, players can also create signature dishes and serve customers according to the restaurant’s theme.

Creating a unique theme restaurant makes the game more exciting and benefits the business. Excellent and themed restaurants attract many customers and become popular dining venues, increasing revenue and business growth.

Get creative with lots of magic cooking rockets

In Cooking Center Mod, players will discover and use many different types of cooking rockets, each with an other use and effect. For example, the Flame rocket will help cook faster, the Frost missile will help keep the food fresh longer, the Explosion rocket will help increase the dish’s flavour, and the Healing rocket will make the dish more nutritious.

Players must learn and use cooking rockets properly to complete the dishes, combining them with ingredients to create attractive and unique dishes. The words in the game are diverse and rich, from traditional dishes such as pizza and pasta to typical dishes of each region.

In addition, the game also has a diverse game mode system, from primary cooking mode to challenge mode and cooking arena. Players can also participate in regular events to earn many attractive rewards.

Cooking Center MOD APK offers players an exciting and creative cooking experience with various magic cooking rockets. Besides, the game also helps players improve their cooking skills and enhance their imaginative intelligence.

Get creative with hundreds of cooking appliances and ingredients

Hack Cooking Center APK is a cooking game that is highly diverse and rich in ingredients and cooking equipment. With hundreds of types of equipment, such as ovens, fryers, blenders, meat grinders and more, players are free to choose and use them to create unique dishes.

In addition, the game also has hundreds of different cooking ingredients available, from vegetables to meat, fish and spices, allowing players to combine and create unique and rich dishes.

During the game, players can also shop to upgrade cooking equipment and buy new ingredients to create more delicious dishes. Besides, the game also provides cooking tasks for players to try and practice their cooking skills.

With hundreds of equipment and diverse cooking ingredients, Cooking Center will bring players exciting and creative cooking experiences, helping you become a talented chef and prepare delicious meals for your family: Family and friends.

Explore more than 1000 exciting cooking levels

In the game Cooking Center, players will experience more than 1000 different levels with challenging cooking missions. These tasks include preparing dishes from appetizers to desserts, from traditional to novel and unique words.

Players must complete different tasks during the game to earn money and experience points. They need to use practical cooking and time management skills to satisfy customers’ requests to visit their restaurant. The missions will gradually become more difficult as the player progresses to higher levels.

Perfect your cooking skills

To sum up, Cooking Center is an ideal game to satisfy your cooking passion and improve your cooking skills. You will experience exciting and creative moments in your kitchen with all the necessary tools and ingredients. Try your hand at unique dishes and improve your cooking skills with Cooking Center MOD Unlimited Money on MODAPKOKI today!