Coffee Craze

Hack Coffee Craze MOD 1.018.008 Unlimited Drinks APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameCoffee Craze
Version1.018.008 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Drinks
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 14, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about Coffee Craze

Coffee Craze MOD APK (Unlimited Drinks) is an exciting game for those who love coffee and want to experience the work of a barista. In this game, you will see customers come and ask for different coffee drinks, and you will have to make them meet their needs. You will become an actual barista, looking to improve your barista skills and manage your shop to become the most successful coffee seller.

Satisfy your passion for coffee with exciting gameplay

Coffee Craze is a cafe management simulation game with fun gameplay. Players will be taking on the role of the cafe owner, with the primary goal of serving customers and making a profit.

Players must prepare different coffee drinks in the game, depending on the customer’s requirements. You must choose the proper coffee, milk and sugar to create the perfect coffee drinks, manage orders, and serve customers quickly and efficiently.

The game has many levels, from easy to difficult, with other goals and challenges, helping players improve their management skills. Besides, the game also provides tools and upgrades for your cafe, helping to increase sales and attract more customers.

Take advantage of hard-earned money to upgrade equipment and increase income

Coffee Craze is an exciting business simulation game in which you must manage and develop a coffee shop to generate income. During the match, you will be challenged on your ability to manage finances and plan to build your cafe.

To improve business performance, you must invest your hard-earned money to upgrade equipment and increase income. By boosting your coffee machine, enhancing your equipment, and improving the quality of your products, you can attract customers and increase revenue for your coffee shop.

However, the investment also needs to be calculated carefully, as you need to ensure that you are making a profit and not defaulting. If you work hard and smart, you can grow your coffee shop and become a successful business person in Coffee Craze.

Create and manage 30 different coffee stations

Hack Coffee Craze APK is a fun time management simulation game in which players are challenged to manage up to 30 different coffee stations in each. You will transform into a cafe manager, serving and satisfying customers with your staff.

In this game, you must be creative and design your cafe, ranging from choosing the interior, decoration, menu and how to serve customers. Besides, you also need to manage the ingredients, supply and time to ensure the shop runs smoothly.

Coffee Craze MOD APK offers players a variety of features and rich gameplay, including different levels, challenging missions, ways to upgrade and unlock new equipment and products, and a Social quality to share achievements with friends.

Enjoy addictive gameplay wherever you are

Coffee Craze is a fun and engaging coffee cooking game that allows you to become a coffee shop owner and create the best coffee cups to serve your customers. The great thing is that you can play Coffee Craze offline, without an internet connection, making you relax and entertained whenever and wherever.

When playing Coffee Craze offline, you must cook coffee and serve your customers for a limited time. You need to find a way to make the right cup of coffee, meet the customer’s requirements and earn as much money as possible. You can also expand your cafe and upgrade the equipment to create diverse coffees and attract customers.

Coffee Craze offers many levels, from easy to complex, to help you challenge and improve your drinking water cooking skills. The game also has unique features, such as VIP customer appearances and special events, to help you earn more money and experience more novelties.

Satisfy your passion for baristas with various rewards

Coffee Craze APK mod is a cafe management simulation game where players will become owners and have to create great coffee drinks to attract customers. Coffee Craze has designed a rich and diverse reward system to help players improve their skills and discover more things in the game.

When completing missions and achieving in-game objectives, players receive rewards, including money, experience points and support items. Money can be used to buy new equipment, upgrade the shop and buy high-quality coffee ingredients. Experience points will help players boost their mixing skills and unlock new levels in the game. Support items include recipes, decor and customer service support devices.

In addition, Coffee Craze also has special events and weekly challenges for players to have a chance to receive more valuable rewards. For example, enter barista contests to win exciting prizes or complete special quests to get experience points and rare items.

Coffee making and business

Coffee Craze MOD APK (Unlimited Drinks) on MODAPKOKI is an exciting entertainment game for those who love coffee and want to experience the work of a barista. During the game, you will experience accurate coffee making, learn new skills and improve your skills. You will become a talented barista, serve customers waiting at your bar and earn money from your work.