Class of the Living Dead

Hack Class of the Living Dead MOD 3.1.11 Free Premium Choices APK

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NameClass of the Living Dead
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
Version3.1.11 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedOctober 13, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Class of the Living Dead

Class of the Living Dead MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) – The school has become a gloomy place where undead creatures are lurking and waiting to wreak havoc on their well-being. Are you ready to face complex challenges and become the last survivor?

Class of the Living Dead is a unique survival game where you will play as a young student and fight to survive in a dangerous environment. You’ll have to scavenge for resources, craft homemade weapons, and build a base to fend off a terrifying zombie pandemic. You will find a way to survive and learn the truth behind this terrifying event through mastery, intelligence, and courage.

Class of the Living Dead gives you a dramatic and tense experience. You will face unrelenting feelings of fear, surprise, and the pressures between life and death.

Survive in the chaotic world: Detailed Description of the dramatic story

Class of the Living Dead‘s story revolves around a group of lovable survivors and their journey to find safety in a city invaded by a zombie pandemic.

In Class of the Living Dead, you will participate in a regular classroom before disaster strikes. After a zombie apocalypse invades the world, you and your friends are trapped in a school and must find a way to survive in a dangerous environment. The story will unfold through quests and interactions with other characters, in which you must face threats from both the undead and horrid groups of people.

The gameplay of Class of the Living Dead focuses on survival and combat. You must search and gather resources, weapons, and teammates to survive in an environment full of enemies. You must also do quests and complete objectives to progress further in the story. During the game, you can interact with other characters and make essential decisions that affect your survival and the team.

Class of the Living Dead story takes you through various locations in the ruined city. From abandoned schools and hospitals to high-rise buildings and residential areas, you will experience terrifying situations and confront dangerous hordes of undead. In addition to fighting the zombie epidemic, you have to face other groups of bad people, who can be friends or enemies, depending on your choices.

Fight for survival in intense gameplay

In Hack Class of the Living Dead APK, you will enter the scary world of zombies and face a nightmare survival crisis. The game’s gameplay focuses on fighting and defending to survive in this terrifying environment.

You will play as a character in a classroom invaded by bloodthirsty zombies. Your mission is to use the weapons and tools in the surrounding environment to kill zombies and protect yourself and your teammates. The intense and fast-paced gameplay requires quick reflexes, tactics, and choices to survive in a dangerous environment.

Game Class of the Living Dead offers you a variety of missions and levels, from finding relief and killing zombies on the street to finding a way out of the school district harassed by zombies. You will experience different challenges and different types of zombies with their strengths and skills. Get ready to fight every second so as not to be their next target!

In addition to killing zombies, you must manage resources and find essential supplies such as ammunition, food, and building materials. Take advantage of the surroundings to gather resources and create safe shelters.

Pair up with unique characters

The character system in Class of the Living Dead gives players variety and choice. You can impersonate characters with different skills and personalities. From mighty warriors and resilient defenders to adventurous adventurers and sophisticated analysts, each character offers a unique play style and ability.

Each character in Class of the Living Dead has its development and progression. You can enhance your character’s skills and abilities by gaining experience and completing quests. Advanced levels will unlock new abilities and allow you to become a stronger player.

In addition, each character also has its own story and personal goals. You will discover and experience the life, challenges, and mysteries that the character faces. By interacting with other characters and participating in in-game events, you’ll get to know them better and build relationships with them.

In short, the character system in Class of the Living Dead gives players variety and choice. You’ll experience each character’s unique playstyle and abilities by impersonating unique characters. As your character develops and progresses, you will discover and experience a horror world full of surprises and challenges.

Survive in Class of the Living Dead – Fight the undead and find a way out of the terrifying school

After days of suffering and fear, you have succeeded in fighting and finding a way out of the scary zombie school.

With intelligence and patience, you have destroyed dozens of aggressive undead, searched for supplies, and found puzzle pieces to open the way to escape. You have faced dangerous situations and difficult decisions while always holding on to hope and fighting spirit.

Explore this horrifying school; you have discovered scary secrets and access the origin of the zombie epidemic. You’ve found notes, records, and discovery objects, helping you learn about the causes and how to prevent the spread of the undead.

Finally, you have found out and are freed from this scary school. You have overcome extreme challenges and survived in a world the undead invadedd. You have proven yourself to be unyielding, ready to fight for existence and find a way to protect the remaining survivors.

Class of the Living Dead MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) on MODAPKOKI is not only an attractive survival game but also brings a sense of tension and drama when you face the undead and find a way to survive. With stunning graphics and dramatic sound, the game takes you into a dangerous and menacing world. You did everything you could to survive, and now, you have been freed and become the winner of the battle against the terrifying zombie horde.