BIG BANG Evolution

Hack BIG BANG Evolution MOD 1.4.1 Unlimited Money/Free Upgrades APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameBIG BANG Evolution
Version1.4.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Free Upgrades
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 15, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Introduce about BIGBANG Evolution

BIGBANG Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free Upgrades) is a unique evolution simulation game developed by professional game studio Hoang Trung on the mobile platform. In the game, players will explore the universe’s evolution, from the formation of stars to the development of creatures.

Initially, the player will start with a small number of cosmic particles. From there, players will create new matter by mixing cosmic particles, creating a variety of creatures and different types of evolutionary materials. During the game, players will learn a lot of scientific knowledge about physics, chemistry, biology and evolution. The game also has an upgrade system, which helps players increase the power of creatures and evolutionary materials. In addition, the game also features the ability to share the player’s levels and achievements with friends on social networks and help players compete with other players worldwide. In short, BIGBANG Evolution is a fascinating and educational game, combining entertainment and educational elements, helping players better understand the universe’s evolution and the creatures on Earth.


In BIG BANG Evolution, the player controls the mixing of cosmic particles to create new creatures and different evolutionary materials. The game’s purpose is to help players understand the evolution of the universe and animals, not to encourage the creation of powerful bombs.

Destroy civilization

To conquer the levels in this game, you can do the following steps:

Learn about creatures and objects in the game: In Hack BIG BANG Evolution APK, many animal and object species exist. Learn about them and their features to learn how to evolve and evolve them.

Focus on evolving specific creatures: While you can develop any beast in the game, focusing on particular animals can make it easier to conquer the game screen.

Use experience to upgrade creatures: You can earn experience by completing quests and levels in the game. Use this experience to upgrade your animals to become more robust and meet the story’s requirements.

Collect resources: Collect various resources in the game to use to develop creatures and other objects.

Use tactics: Sometimes, you must use tactics to conquer levels in the game. Consider and choose suitable creatures and objects to create an effective strategy.

In short, to conquer the levels in BIGBANG Evolution, you need to learn about the creatures and objects in the game, focus on the evolution of some specific species of animals, use the experience to Upgrade creatures, gather resources and use tactics.

Conquer science

In BIG BANG Evolution APK mod, you can experience the scientific aspects of the universe, including evolution, botany, geography and more. To conquer science in this game, you can do the following steps:

Learn about science concepts in the game: In the game, there are many different science concepts. Learn about them to better understand the scientific processes and methods in the game.

Experiment and learn about scientific processes: BIGBANG Evolution allows you to learn about evolution and other scientific concepts. Let’s look at this process and find ways to apply it in the game.

Practice and learn science strategies: In the game, you can implement science strategies to evolve creatures and other objects. Practice and learn these strategies to better understand the science of the game.

Learn about geography and botany: In BIGBANG Evolution, you can explore and learn about geography and botany concepts. Learn about them to better understand the universe and the creatures in the game.

Learn and apply science concepts to games: Learn and apply the science concepts you’ve learned to games. Use strategies and scientific skills to progress and conquer levels in the game.

Exciting game screens

BIG BANG Evolution APK 1.4.1 has many attractive and exciting levels for players to explore and experience. Here are some notable stories:

Big Bang Stage: This is the first level in the game, where you will create a new universe and try to develop it by creating new galaxies, stars and planets.

Evolution Level: In this level, you will create and adjust the evolution of creatures in your universe. You will face different challenges to develop species and create diversity in your ecosystem.

Geography Level: In this level

You will create different geographical environments, including mountain ranges, plains, deserts, and forests. You must find ways to develop species suitable for this environment and face different challenges to create a diverse and prosperous ecosystem.

Botany Level: In BIG BANG Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free Upgrades) level, you will create different types of plants and adapt them to develop a plant system that suits their habitat. You will face challenges like harsh climates and competition with other plants to grow prosperous plants.

Artificial Intelligence Level: You will create artificial intelligence and develop your skills and abilities at this level. It would be best if you found ways to deal with different challenges and optimize the power of your artificial intelligence to conquer the level.

Explore the universe and learn about science

Overall, BIGBANG Evolution is an exciting and rewarding game for those who love science and love to explore the universe. This game allows you to participate in creating a new universe, developing species, creating habitats and researching artificial intelligence. During the game, you can also learn a lot about science and the universe, helping you expand your knowledge and understanding. If you are passionate about science and want to explore the universe, BIGBANG Evolution MOD FREE on is a great game to join.