Battle Ella: 2048

Hack Battle Ella: 2048 MOD 1.1.6 Menu, Attack/Defense Multipier APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameBattle Ella: 2048
Version1.1.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Attack/Defense Multipier
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 30, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about Battle Ella: 2048

Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK (Menu, Attack/Defense Multipier) is a game combining two classic genres, the 20 the 48 game and the strategy game. In this game, you will play the role of Ella, along with her army, participate in tense and thrilling tactical battles to win other opponents. Battle Ella: 2048 will bring you hours of exciting and challenging entertainment.

Combine 2048 game and strategy

Battle Ella: 2048 is a game that combines 2048 and strategy games. In the game, the player will control a female character named Ella, fighting with enemies to achieve the highest score.

The gameplay of vestraightforwardplayers needs to use the navigation keys to move Ella and match the number blocks on the map to form a more significant number. However, to win, players need to have the right strategy and use Ella’s unique skills, including attack, defense, and health recovery.

In addition, the game also has a system to upgrade and customize your character, allowing you to strengthen and defeat more difficult enemies. Battle Ella: 2048 will bring you an exciting and challenging gaming experience.

If you love the 20the 48 games and are looking for a new strategy game, try playing Battle Ella: 2048 and become the best fighter in the digital war!

Discover special characters

Game Battle Ella: 2048 is a strategy game combined with 2048 jigsaw elements. In the game, players will transform into Ella – a strong and determined female warrior, and begin the journey to save the world From the onslaught of dark forces.

Ella is noa simple character and professional fighter with many different skills and equipment. DuPlayersan unlocks new characters during the game, from spartan warriors to special characters with unique skills and equipment. Each character has its characteristics and different fighting abilities, helping players to create appropriate tactics and fighting plans.

Besides Ella and other warriors, players can alienate their characters by combining different equipment and skills. ThCreatingustom characters allow players to develop strategies and maximize the capabilities of each character, providing challenging and exciting matches.

With the variety and richness of characters, Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK game will give players unique tactical experiences and gameplay styles.

The Amazing Journey of Master and Ella

Hack Battle Ella: 2048 APK is a logic game with the foundation of the 2048 game. In the game, the player nemustombine squares with the same number to make a more significant number and keep mixing until reaching the highest score.

However, Battle Ella: 2048 also has a promising story with the main characters Master and Ella. Master is a talented scientist and passionate about artificial intelligence research. Meanwhile, Ella is a robot created to help the Master with his research.

The story begins when the Master comes up with an idea to create a robot with the ability to learn and grow intellectually. After research and development, Ella was born and began to learn and develop daily.

However, a disaster occurs one day en a virus attacks the Master’s system and threatens to destroy everything. To save the future and solve the problem, Master and Ella begin their journey in Battle Ella: 2048.

Players will experience battles with numbers and at the same time f, follow the story of Master and Ella, learning about their past and future. The report will continue to be revealed initiate each level, bringing layers of exciting and dramatic experiences.

Various and exciting game modes

Battle Ella: 2048 APK mod is a game that combines puzzle and strategy genres. In the game, players must build buildings, research new technologies and train soldiers to defend their empire from enemy attack.

Battle Ella: 2048 offers three main game modes, including:

Battle Mode: In this mode, players will engage in dramatic battles with other opponents, fighting to defend their territory or attack the enemy’s territory.

Ranked Mode: This mode helps players compete against other players worldwide, build their empires and climb the high rankings.

Story Mode: This mode will take the player on a challenging adventure to save the empire from the ravages of enemies. Players will have to complete missions and go through challenges to win.

Battle Ella: 2048 game modes are diverse and exciting, giving players new and challenging experiences. Enter the game now to explore these modes and become your empire’s winner.

Experience more than 100 stages with diverse monster configurations

Battle Ella: 2048 is an exciting adventure game with over 100 challenging locations. Players will have to fight different monsters in each step, with different designs and difficulties.

The monster configurations in Battle Ella: 2048 are all uniquely designed and varied, from monsters that can attack from a distance to anomalies that can accelerate and shoot quickly. Players need to understand these configurations to win the stages and find a way to defeat them with the right tactics.

With over 100 challenging stages and diverse monster configurations, Battle Ella: 2048 offers players memorable adventure experiences.

Become a talented warrior

With a combination of the 2048 game and strategy, Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK (Menu, Attack/Defense Multipier) on MODAPKOKI gives players an exciting and challenging experience. Use intelligent tactics and utilize Ella’s unique skills to defeat formidable enemies and achieve the highest score.