Hack 7Days MOD 2.6.1 Unlimited Tickets APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Version2.6.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price4.99$ FREE
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UpdatedJune 30, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduce about 7Days

7Days MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) is one of the titles of Buff Studio – a game development company from Korea that aims to create unique games and attract players’ attention worldwide survival games with unique plot content, promising to bring players moments of great entertainment and challenges. In the game, players will face terrifying obstacles and dangers in their quest to escape a mysterious house within seven days, including the hunt for bloodthirsty predators. 7 Days are one of the most playable horror survival games on the market today.

Uncover the mystery of the horror house

In 7Days, players will play the role of the main character Sean and begin the journey to explore a house full of mystery and horror. Sean has been trapped in this house and must find a way out before time. During the game, players will face complex challenges and puzzles, need to think logically to solve math problems and break the door lock to proceed to the next room. Besides, players must face scary dangers from mysterious predators in this house. Dramatic gameplay of 7Days will make players feel completely lost in this house’s spooky space and truly immersed in this horror story.

Work with Sean to find out the secrets of the Mystery Series

Players will participate in a challenging adventure with the main character Sean to learn about a Mysterious Storyline related to the house where Sean is trapped. As you progress through the levels and search for clues, players will uncover the unpredictable secrets of this house’s past, along with a series of terrifying stories and formidable enemies.

The Mysterious storyline in the game 7Days will immerse players wholly in the horror and gloomy world of the game and is also the highlight that creates the game’s appeal. 7Days MOD APK game will bring players unforgettable experiences and a thrill to every moment when discovering the game’s secrets—this horror house.

Allies and Characters

Players will be transported into a post-apocalyptic world, where the characters must find a way to survive a zombie pandemic. In the process, the characters will meet and fight alongside allies to protect their lives.

Characters in the game include:

Evan is a bright and talented guy who graduated from a top university in economics. Evan can use weapons and medical knowledge to ensure the group’s safety.

Sam: a cheerful and cute guy, Evan’s best friend since high school. Sam is a talented fighter and is capable of using a variety of weapons.

Betty: a mischievous and intelligent girl who is a top college student in computer science. Betty can Hack computer systems and help the team access important information.

In addition, the game also has allies such as:

Isaac: an experienced mercenary who will help the group with weapons use and combat.

Sarah: a talented nurse, will help the team with the treatment and medical care of the team members.

David is a strong and courageous guy who will assist the section in gathering resources and building a safe base.

With various characters and allies, Hack 7Days APK will give players a dramatic and rich combat experience.

Hidden Achievements and Challenges

7Days immerses players in a devastating zombie world and offers many secret accomplishments and challenges for players to explore and challenge.


Reach the milestone: Players must complete the mission within the time limit to achieve this. This challenge requires players to be agile and innovative and have a good plan to complete the tasks in the shortest time possible.

Perfect Weapon Use: This is an achievement for players who have completed missions using weapons, ideally without errors. This challenge requires players to have good fighting skills and deal with difficult situations.

Hidden challenge:

Search and gather resources: Players must search and collect resources to build a safe base. This challenge requires players to explore and exploit resources in the game world.

Secret Search: The game offers many hidden secrets and storylines hidden all over the game world. This challenge requires players to find and decode these secrets to discover more about the game world.

Challenging Dangerous Lands: The game has many dangerous and difficult areas, and players must overcome them to continue investigating and surviving. This challenge requires players to have combat skills and talent to overcome obstacles.

With various hidden achievements and challenges, 7Days APK mod will give players the experience of discovery and challenge.

Dramatic and challenging experience

To summarise, 7Days is a thrilling and challenging survival and horror game. The game has attracted a large number of players around the world. In particular, the game also provides players with many hidden challenges and achievements to discover and try, increasing the entertainment and experience of the game. If you are a fan of the horror game genre and looking for an exciting and challenging experience, try 7Days MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) on MODAPKOKI experience.